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Revoke decision on NSDZ, Rongmei tribe, NTC to govt

By EMN Updated: Aug 10, 2014 11:56 pm


EVEN as the State government appears determined to bulldoze its way with the controversial Nagaland Special Development Zone (NSDZ) programme, the Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) has once again cast aspersions over the “attitude of the state government.”
In a press statement issued Sunday, the NTC maintained that the State government’s refusal to heed the calls to revoke “the anti-people decisions” was a clear indication of the latter’s “hidden agenda to impose its decision against the popular wishes of the people.”
“Some State politicians and cohorts with vested interest groups of people (are) maneuvering to dislodge the fundamentals of the state of Nagaland to accommodate the non-Nagas, illegal immigrants and outsiders to rule over the indigenous people of the State,” reads the NTC statement.
It maintained that the NSDZ and Rongmei tribe recognition – described as two sides of the same coin – were “vital issues” confronting the indigenous Nagas of Nagaland. “It is beyond our comprehension that any government would resort to such self-defeating and right-mortgaging actions at the expense of its citizens in the guise of temporary benefits and appeasement.”
The NTC pointed out that “several representations and public rally” embodying the voice of the people “in clear terms” have expressed apprehensions and urged the state government to “revoke the anti-people decisions.” The state government, however, adamantly delay in coming to any decision, it stated.
“The State Legislative Assembly had already adopted its resolution on NSDZ on March 24, 2014, and subsequently passed budgetary provisions for the same and on the basis of which the State Government has gone ahead with obtaining NOC from land owners and tribal hohos. It is therefore ironic to note that the Chief Minister has announced to have consultation with civil bodies for the same. It is unfortunate that the State Government is trying to befool the gullible public,” the NTC maintained.
It, however, expressed its ardent belief that no leader worth his/her name would attempt to disturb the social harmony of Nagaland. Against such belief, the NTC urged the State government to “immediately roll back its decisions on Rongmei tribe recognition and remove all proposals that may infringe or dilute our protective laws.”

By EMN Updated: Aug 10, 2014 11:56:36 pm