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Reviewing the Basis of Naga Reconciliation

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G. Gwangphun

Nothing comes unbidden. Where there is light, object cast shadow on the surface. So also every action right or wrong will definitely cause its consequences upon the doer. Right action recompenses as much and equal as wrong deed. Man can choose what he shall act but he cannot change the effect of his action. Action creates equal result. This relative simplicity when rightly perceived and understood, complexity of human problems vanishes. Solution comes to those who mastered their problems. Nagas need to master their problems. Nagas’ political and social problems are deeply embedded in their nature. Unless our vices are controlled, our virtues cannot be developed. The beast in man must be banned and shunned in man. Bestial nature in man creates disorder in man and the society. There should be revival of true godliness in all our doings for true reconciliation to take its effective place. Thorough understanding and controlling of one’s problem can bring about self reconciliation to social reconciliation. The problems of the Nagas are mostly made by those leaders who thought they would solve it by their decisions and action without consulting the God of wisdom. A shortcoming in decision making makes long problems.The Nagas under the banner of FNR are seen to have gone ahead with reconciliation process before mastering their problems within. Forum for Naga political reconciliation is being on stage in vague and bare approach. The only vocal volume for reconciliation sounds good and right. Whereas, the differences and conflicting points that has necessitated the reconciliation are not sorted out or not adequately understood. The only layer-coating agreements are being made as means to end the reign of factions. The question for conscientious reasoning and practical understanding may be, Is the approach and method of FNR right and workable to resolve the protracted Naga political problems with its complicacies? Is the approach political, social or religious or mix in nature? Why the 6 years long process of reconciliation remains vague and non-conclusive? Further and deeper consideration is implored to proceed for better and effective and inclusive approach taking all Naga National groups into due consideration. Reasoned that, the inclusive and practical agreement based on Moral and historical founded rights of all the Naga National factions have to be worked out through research and analytic sorting. An ultimate and acceptable principle of understanding and common aspiration has to be brought to light in full view. Basically the Naga Reconciliation is necessitated with the emergence of Naga National factions out of leadership crises within; the war of ideological differences. The Naga National vision and approach have been fragmented into as many as there are factions in the Naga national leaders and workers. The basis of reconciliation ought to be on the principle of moral understanding, tolerance, forgiveness, acceptance and respecting each others’ person, group and right having commonly established the inalienable historical and political rights of the Nagas to self-determination as a free people. Condemning the past historical mistakes committed will still incur wounds and pains, rather those mistakes must be regretted, denounced and put as lessons learned to go better, wiser and further the cause for common and ultimate solution. Ceasefire within and among the Naga factional groups has been prioritized but not actualized yet. The conflicts and frictions of Factions have caused and spoiled the spirit and house of the Nagas. The much talked about ceasefire agreement is meant for political talk with the GOI and not among the Nagas factions. The most needed agreement to be made is RECONCILIATION AGREEMENT on the basis of Christian principle among the Naga factions. Is Naga concordant 2011 that sort of agreement? What about Lenten Agreement 2014? The issue may be right but what matter is the approach and understanding of the basis.
For any important agreement of peace to be made, there must be certain preparation of hearts and ground study. The content and spirit of concordant/Lenten agreements is seen to fall short of the mark/standard of true covenant. However, the sincere initiative and effort of FNR is commendable. The Nature and gravity of the Naga problems is such that, layer thinking and surfacing work will not make a count. We need insightful and committed study and action. We talk more of solution and less of understanding of what count and cause the problems. A man who talks of solution without well studied and directed action is like a man who tries to catch hold of the belt of rainbow. The un-officiated steps or start will make a hallow result and desperation at last. The Naga National political case is unique as its history is unique. Therefore, right understanding and right direction mattered in resolving the Naga political problems. As Albert Einstein, the famous scientist said, “Today’s problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that has created them.” We need a new outlook and right perception of the problems of today and solution second. To me, I am convinced that, the past failures with all its mistakes and contentions have to be cleared off before the path of common Naga-political journey begins. The grudges, the wounds and the scars are to be accepted in the spirit of forgiveness and tolerance. No pride in one’s party or ideological principle should be cherished in the hearts. All Naga political party’s ideologies and principles are good and true for/to themselves. If that is a reality, It is possible to create a common Naga National Principles taking points out of those principles that drives strong in the minds of different parties/factions.
The progress gained or lost thus far have made us attained this far. All that happened was good for the Naga people. All things work together in the designed and planned of God from the beginning in His own time. We shall steadily work out our own salvation/deliverance in the strength and guidance of the Lord. Hope against odds and faith over desperation is the naturally designed path of life for human survival on earth. The fittest survives the best. The initiative of FNR at their level is commendable. Their intention is centrifugally oneness of Nagas, no more fratricidal, no hatred and jealous rule over one another faction or person. FNR has tried to vividly figure out the common hope and aspiration of the Nagas to live together as a people and nation. The process is on gaining each time with a new height of hope and progress. The initiative to create a common meeting point for all Naga National factions to culminate into a central union of the Naga people (Naga National Government) is perceived as indispensable and right. Proposed that, the said agreement be restructured or developed with better diplomacies for sorting out the differences of factional ideologies, philosophies and established principles acceptable to all the Naga factions through analytic study team.
Appealed to members of FNR to collectively and inclusively workout the modality with all members concerned for inclusive and genuine reconciliation of all the Naga National parties without exception. Readers may reach out the author through the given No.8974381932 for any reflection. The intent of the content may be differently read by different readers but the central purpose as the author intended is to create the common purpose and responsibility of every Naga a reality.

A Social Research Activist

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