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Response to Joel Nillo Kath’s letter to JI Kathar

By EMN Updated: Jan 13, 2014 1:36 am

Is the 3rd force factor in Karbi Anglong violence a bogey raised by the Karbi Anglong Peace Forum?The Karbi Anglong Peace Forum (KAPF) is composed of over 30 respectable civil society organisations of Karbi Anglong, including the Church bodies, and it is sincerely committed to restoring peace at any cost. It seems unbecoming of Mr. Joel Nillo Kath to hurl insults, as published in some newspaper from Nagaland on 11th January 2014, at the peace efforts of so many right-thinking and peace-loving civil society organisations of Karbi Anglong in the form of Karbi Anglong Peace Forum. The KAPF does not understand as to why Mr. Joel Nillo Kath is offended with the KAPF peace delegation to Nagaland.
The government of Assam had already told the Naga Peace team in a meeting on 31st December 2013, presided by the Commissioner and Secretary, Department of Home, Assam, that the training and supply of arms to extremists in Karbi Anglong has been carried out by the NSCN-IM. Moreover, the killing of the nine innocent Karbi youths took place in Nagaland. It was therefore imperative for KAPF to send a peace delegation to Nagaland.
Apparently, Joel Nillo Kath, and others like K. Solomon Rengma, among others are against restoring peace in the region. If Mr. Kath negates the involvement of the “third force” is he either part of the third force or at best indoctrinated by it? Why, after several press statements condemning the violence in Karbi Anglong by the KAPF and several other organisations does Mr. Kath and others keep on saying we are condoning the violence in Rengmas and Karbi areas in Chokihola. It must be remembered that KAPF has no link, contact, or control over the KPLT. If the KPLT is targeting the Rengma villagers they are responsible. It was their unilateral decision. The people of Karbi Anglong in general have no part in KPLT. The KPLT is armed, how can we, or the Karbi people, without arms reign in the KPLT?
It is the duty of the Assam Government to “reign in” the KPLT, not civil society organizations. That is the reason KAPF, an association of over 30 organizations are demanding a High Powered Inquiry into the violence not only in Nagaland, but also in Karbi Anglong so that the guilty will be punished. The Tarun Gogoi government had only demanded a CBI inquiry into the massacre of nine Karbi youths in Nagaland. The KAPF is demanding that the CBI inquiry should also be conducted in Karbi Anglong where innocent Rengma villagers were also killed. Why should the Government of Assam love Karbis only? Why shouldn’t the Assam Government ask for a CBI inquiry into the killing of Rengma villagers? The KAPF demands that there should be the highest level inquiry for all the conflicts in KarbiAnglong. Why is Mr. Kath against instituting CBI or a High powered inquiry into all the violence in Karbi Anglong since 2003? Is he afraid that the real culprits will be exposed?
Mr. Joel Nillo Kath went on to accuse Mr. Kathar of alluding to the involvement of “Tarun Gogoi, RAW, IB, the ISI and the Bengalis…”. This is nothing but a figment of his imagination! Why does he put words into somebody’s mouth? Whatever Mr. J. I. Kathar or the KAPF had to say had been said in the press conference. Also, why does he engage himself in wild guesses regarding the JACAS talks and the Centre’s stand on Karbi Anglong statehood issue? Or does he have access to classified Central Government information?
If Mr. Kath is interested in peace KAPF eagerly invites him and all the Rengma people to an open discussion because the people of Karbi Anglong love peace, and the Karbis and the Rengmas are the closest among all the tribes, and are brothers and sisters. Nobody can break this bond of brotherhood.
Released on behalf KAPF, Media Cell
Members: Longkiri Timung, Watson Hanse, Paisong Lekthe, Lipson Rongpi, Milton Terang, Nathan Ronghang, Hingchong Tisso, Samkiripo Teron Langneh

By EMN Updated: Jan 13, 2014 1:36:22 am