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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Respecting India’s Women

By The Editorial Team Updated: Aug 07, 2019 11:20 pm

After the infamous ‘Nirbhaya’ incident, it was expected that the entire country would stand united to prevent such a gruesome incident again. But to our dismay, we have found today that those whom we had entrusted the responsibility of creating awareness against such heinous crimes, were the real offenders. Muzaffarpur shelter home case or the now famous Unnao rape case have shown beyond doubt that the high and powerful are some of the worst offenders in committing crimes against women. It is because of such individuals that the great country is earning mark after mark with unfailing regularity.

It has been proven beyond doubt that the high and powerful have very little or no respect for law. Even after committing the crime, they didn’t hesitate to influence the judicial system of the country. Even when they are put behind bars, these individuals can very easily extract their influences and exert effort to wipe out all evidence which can prove them guilty. Many such offenders have been able to exonerate themselves from the charges by adopting intimidating methods. Just today, a young girl travelling in prestigious Rajdhani Express had complained that staff on the train molested her. But the girl is not willing to file a complaint to the police as she fears that the powerful ones will make her life miserable once she takes them to court.

This is not a one off incident. Every day, women in our country are raped, molested and harassed. Stringent laws have failed to act as a deterrent to it. Why the offenders don’t fear the law can be judged by the situation that the Unnao victim is now going through. Despite all the threats and even the murder of her father, the girl is adamant not to withdraw the charges against a politically powerful person. Thus, she met a fatal accident when a truck deliberately collided with the car in which she was travelling.

As expected, the incident created huge hue and cry all over the country. The Supreme Court has also come in to action. The court has asked the government to ensure free, fair and speedy disposal of this case. The move by the Supreme Court is welcome. But will such steps be able to make India a safer place for women? The chances are bleak. The powerful always form a cartel. So when one is in danger, others come to the rescue. Till this cartel is completely dismantled the powerful will always keep escaping the law. For instance, one MP went to a jail to express gratitude to a fellow politician who is behind bars on charges of rape for ensuring his victory in the just concluded general elections. Is the MP less guilty than the person who is in jail? Are the officials who forced the inmates of Muzzaffarpur shelter homes to please the powerful not equally as guilty as the offender himself? Why should there not be a law to punish each and every person associated with the crime?

Until and unless, we initiate a crusade against such cartels, women will never feel safe in this country and the number of cases like Nirbhaya or Unnao will only increase. And then perhaps a time will come when India will no longer be known for its diversity and spirituality, but as a country that doesn’t know how to respect women.


By The Editorial Team Updated: Aug 07, 2019 11:20:33 pm
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