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Letters to the Editor

Request for Resolution of NH Across Peren District

By EMN Updated: Jan 19, 2021 11:48 pm

The Commissioner,
Government of Nagaland.
Through The Deputy Commissioner, Peren.
SUB: Representation on Nh-129a Package 1a, 2-Lane Road From Peren To Dimapur.

With due respect, the following lines are brought to your attention for your perusal and prompt necessary action.

That Sir, the long-cherished dream of witnessing a National Highway passing across Peren District relatively came true when MoRTH, GoI accorded sanction for construction of a 2-lane Highway connecting Maram-Peren-Dimapur section of NH-129A (Manipur-Nagaland). Subsequently, Tendering process for Package 1A of the Project which passes through Peren Town concluded and Work Order was issued to M/s Mayasheel Construction- JPS Projects Pvt. Ltd. Compensation for damages caused to Horticulture/Agriculture/Forest land has been paid to the concerned landowners by Peren District Administration and only the payment of Compensation for damages to Standing Structures is pending.

As we understand, the earlier Compensation amount submitted by Peren District Administration for Standing Structures under Peren Town settlement area was too high and the same had to be reviewed twice. In the latest review, RoW had to be compromised to rationalise compensation amount purportedly as per suggestion of Chief Engineer, National Highway and NHIDCL. Consequently, Peren District Administration submitted the Revised Compensation Details vide DC Peren Letter No. PRN/DEV-15/2016/923 dated January 13, 2021 recommending a total of 121 Compensation cases amounting to INR 14,08,07,539 for damages to Standing Structures. Out of the total amount, Compensation for Standing Structures was projected at INR 13,60,45,932, Administrative Costs of 2.5% amounting to INR 34,01,148 and a Contingency Amount of 1% amounting to INR 13,60,459.

That Sir, we wish to draw your attention to the fact that Peren District Administration in connivance with few public leaders of Peren Town had taken biased, unjust and arbitrary decision in formulating the said Revised Compensation Details and the same was forwarded to your authority counter-signed by DC Peren, SDO PWD(Housing) and President of Peren Town Ward Chairmen Union. The said Revised Compensation Details was assessed considering the width of the 2-lane National Highway at 12-14 mtrs. instead of 18-20 mtrs. This was carried out without consulting the concern Stakeholders and has deeply hurt the sentiments of the general populace. It has not only deprived the compensation rights of several landowners but also downgraded the anticipated 2-lane National Highway to an ordinary single lane road.

Peren Town Ward Chairmen Union or for that matter, no CSOs or CBOs had ever given its consent or approval for assessment of damage Compensation to Standing Structures considering 12/14 mtrs as the width of the National Highway. As such, any endorsement given by the President of Peren Town Ward Chairmen Union or any other individual for that matter, is a result of their personal judgement and thus, does not carry the voice of either Peren Town Ward Chairmen Union nor the general Public of Peren Town.

Landowners had cooperated with Peren District Administration from the start to assess damages, as per laid down norms and guidelines, for payment of compensation notified vide DC, Peren Notification No. PRN/DEV-15/2016 dated September 1, 2020. From day one all possible support was rendered, and no owner of any Standing Structures had refused to part land for construction of a 2-lane National Highway with 18-20 mtrs width. However, the responsiveness and approachability of Peren Town denizens was mistaken for weakness and Peren District Administration in connivance with few leaders of Peren Town, as stated, went ahead with submission of the Revised Compensation Details to your authority reportedly via email on January 13, 2021 and through regular office delivery on January 14, 2021.

Sir, in the event the demand of landowners stands beyond the specified entitlement, Peren District Administration is responsible for negotiating the rate of compensation as per norms/guidelines instead of compromising the specification of the road. The Project was accorded sanction by GoI as per DPR submitted for construction of a 2-lane National Highway and there is no valid purpose as to why the width or length of the 2-lane National Highway should be distorted without the consent and knowledge of the concerned stakeholders.

It is also brought to your notice that we fully endorse and support the Memorandum of Zeliangrong Baudi Nagaland and Zeme Council Nagaland written to your authority dated January 15, 2021 citing grievances of the Public caused due to alteration made to NH-129A Package 1A. We stand committed to the cause.

In light of the above facts and circumstances, the undersigned call upon your authority to nullify/invalidate the Revised Compensation Details submitted to you vide DC, Peren Letter No. PRN/DEV-15/2016/923 dated January 13, 2021 and accordingly, issue direction for review of Compensation for damages to Standing Structures considering 18-20 mtrs as the width for the upcoming NH-129A Package 1A.

We are confident that your authority will promote and instill the spirit of fair practice, transparency and accountability in resolution of the matter at an early date.

Enclosed: Meeting Minutes of Consultative Meeting held at GB Hall, Peren Town on January 17, 2021 along with list of Attendees.

For and on behalf of the Public of Peren Town,
Pingkam Namdau

By EMN Updated: Jan 19, 2021 11:48:23 pm
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