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Representation on proposed staffing pattern

By EMN Updated: Feb 07, 2015 10:30 pm

The Hon’ble Parliamentary Secretary
School Education
Nagaland, Kohima.

Sub:- Representation on disagreement with proposed staffing pattern of government higher secondary schools in the ongoing rationalization of teachers and suggestions thereof
[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e the undersigned on behalf of the three constituent Associations of the department such as Nagaland School Education Administrative Officers Association (NSEAOA), Nagaland Secondary School Field Officers Forum (NSSFOF) and All Nagaland Schools Teacher Association (ANSTA) have the honour to bring the above cited subject to your kind notice for favour of necessary consideration.1. That Sir, the proposed withdrawal of Headmaster, Asstt. Headmaster and Graduate Teachers from Government Higher Secondary Schools comprising of Class V -XII (Arts, Sc, Com) in the proposal will adversely affect the academic activities of high school sections due to absence of HM, ARM and GTs in the concerned schools.
2. Even when an experienced, trained GTs are finding it difficult to manage the classes of High School sections comprises of Class 5-10, how can junior PGTs alone manage all the Classes of High School sections with different sections having may different subjects which is next to impossible.
3. The whole academic functionaries’ of secondary and elementary sections will come to a grinding halt if proposal is implemented in its present form. This may in turn cause an irreparable harm to the students of the concerned sections.
4. All the district HQ High Schools with heavy enrollment having different sections (viz Sec- A,B,C,D,E,) of each classes where more teachers are required shall be the most effected one in view of the excises as there would be no GTs left-in the GHSS to man the classes of high school sections.
For instance there are 40 GTs in RGHSS Kohima manning 15 different classes from class 5-10 on daily basis. If all of them are taken out in line with present proposed staffing pattern, can PGTs come down and teach all these classes regularly in addition to their normal classes with class 11 and 12? The answer is obviously big no. Hence, the proposal is impracticable and not workable.
In view of its school unfriendly policy as stated above, the three Associations hereby earnestly urge upon the esteemed authority to re look into it and retained HM, ARM and required number of GTs (as per total enrolment) in all the GHSS before implementation. If not the Associations may be compelled to disagree/oppose it if being implemented in its present form.
1. Rationalization of teachers may be taken up in a phase wise manner unlike the present exercise.
2. While rationalising categories of school staffing pattern, it may be taken up on the basis of contents syllabus and subject wise with period allocation such as Eng, Maths, Sc, S/S, Alt Eng, Hindi and MIL/Language, carpentry/ knitting Instructor, Drawing/ Arts and Physical Education. These subjects are compulsory from Class V-X
3. Staffing pattern in High School sections under Hr. Sec. need not be touched as Hr. Sec. Sections have their own staffing pattern as per subject wise of their respective streams.
4. While framing/adopting policy pertaining to improvement of School Education, its applicability /feasibility to school/class room situation and views of field workers should be taken into due consideration
5. At this present structure only power delegation and assignments between Headmaster and Principal is urgently needed for smooth functioning. And till such time secondary and higher secondary cadres are officially bifurcated HM and ARM are required in the GHSS run schools as they have been manning the High School sections along with GTs since time immemorial.

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