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Rengma youth iterate demand for Tseminyu district

By EMN Updated: Oct 03, 2021 9:37 pm
Rengma youth display banners after the launch of flagship programme at Kasha-Touphema peace treaty camp along NH-61 on October 1.

Dimapur, Oct. 3 (EMN): Reinforcing its support towards the Rengma people’s aspiration for a separate Tseminyu district, Rengma Selo Zi (RSZ) launched its flagship programme ‘The Voices’ at Kasha-Touphema peace treaty camp along NH-61 on October 1.

In a press release, RSZ president Kenneth Kath stated that the initiative was a democratic means of expressing the dreams and aspirations of the Rengma community for a separate Tseminyu district headquarters, which is being spearheaded by the Rengma Hoho (RH).

The initiative was launched by Jonathan Mesen, secretary of CRBCYD Zunpha, in the presence of RSZ president Kenneth Kath, and representatives of the Rengma youth.

Speaking at the programme, Jonathan Mesen said that Tseminyu district has been a long-cherished dream of every Rengma, both young and old. He impressed upon the gathering by saying, “If we find favour from God, we will definitely find favour from people.” He further beseeched upon the members present to remain steadfast in prayer in their quest for a district, which was long overdue.

Under the flagship programme, The Voices, banners and posters were put up at multiple locations across Tseminyu sub-division depicting various messages from a wide spectrum of people voicing out their concerns and support for creation of a separate district headquarters for the Rengma people.

By EMN Updated: Oct 03, 2021 9:37:38 pm