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Rengma Hoho decries arrest of RNPC leader

By EMN Updated: Jan 10, 2014 11:37 pm


Expressing unhappiness and vehemently condemning the arrest of Rengma Naga Peoples Council general secretary K Solomon Rengma, the Rengma Hoho sought to know whether the Dimapur administration is under so much pressure to show results based on mere hearsay that Solomon was sheltering NRHPF cadres.Dimapur police arrested Solomon from his residence at Nepali Kashiram here at around 11 pm last night.
It defies logic that 30 to 40 police personnel went to arrest a civilian and a public leader, the Rengma Hoho stated, president Sawathang Kez Seb, in a release today, said. The Hoho said the police instead of finding militants armed to the teeth were embarrassed to find several Rengma Naga refugee families of Assam being sheltered by Solomon and family
“When was the last time the Dimapur police had the courage to raid the residence of a public leader in Dimapur? Why this double standards?” the Hoho further asked.
The Hoho also sought to know whether the police action is guided by political agenda or whether Solomon is responsible for the killings in Nagaland.
“How does the state government justify this action? Shall it allow its police force to raid the residence of every RNPC leaders just to show that its Special Task Force is doing its job?” it asked.
The Hoho also asked the police not to victimize their people to show to the world that they (police) are doing their job while appealing to all right thinking citizens to condemn this attitude of the police.
The Rengma Hoho, at an emergency meeting at Hotel Japfu in Kohima today, also resolved that as the apex tribal organisation of Rengmas in Nagaland and as a responsible body it desired that henceforth, peace should prevail between Rengmas Nagas and Karbis in Assam and elsewhere.
In order that peace returns to the land, the Hoho appealed to Karbi civil society, including Karbi Anglong Peace Forum (KAPF) and other frontal organizations, to rein in KPLT militants so that Rengma villagers can live in peace and security in their own lands.

POLICE have clarified that general secretary RNPC K. Solomon Rengma was not ‘arrested’ but ‘summoned’ by the High Power Enquiry Committee secretary justice and law KN Chishi, and the Special Invetigating Team (SIT) headed by DIG (Range/NAP) Kohima Liremo Lotha for questioning on the outbreak of violence in Karbi Anglong, between Karbis and Rengma Nagas in Assam.
The two bodies were constituted by the government of Nagaland on January 4. 2014 following the recovery of the nine bodies on January 3, 2014, from Pachaspura, Chumukedima, Dimapur.

By EMN Updated: Jan 10, 2014 11:37:20 pm