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Relooking the Nagas Within

By EMN Updated: Aug 24, 2019 11:04 pm

Now that Nagas are facing momentous crises. It could be for a new turn or deep breakdown.

Nagas are experiencing an emotional war of politics within. It behoves that Nagas are led into the furnace of refining fire. First the dross and then the gold. So also Nagas must be burnt to be refined. The history of Indian politic over the Nagas verses the history of Nagas’ struggle for their rights to self-determination has come to meet face to face. Now the straight assertion or affirmation appears that Nagas are Indian. Confirmation or non-confirmation is to be the last deal of the Naga talk.

Nagas have long been engrossed into a deep political confusion and suffering. Their aspiration to live together as a free people has been threatened and enslaved by their own political errors. Nagas’ mentality is seen to be less of political and more of tribalism. The Greek termed the Tribesmen to mean the people who could not think beyond their tribe and are ardently engrossed in their own tribal affairs and interest. Does this describes and define the Nagas in the state of Nagaland?

The Naga tribes are being infected with the politic of ill-determinism. Taking the date of birth of the Indian state of Nagaland December 1, 1963 as the criteria to determine the indigenous from non-indigenous inhabitants of Nagaland will make or mar the fate of the Nagas. The fact may shake the foundation of the Nagas and the state to the base. Nagas are becoming foreign to each other in their own districts and state to the extent that ILP may even be applied among themselves in the form of RIIN. Such questions may be good to arouse the Nagas to rethink and see clearer of who the Nagas are.

Observed that, the ILP moved by JCPI along with RIIN to restrict IBIs, non-Nagas or Nagas from outside Nagaland could constrain progress or promote conflict. It may or could turn the door open wider for greater influx or stricter restriction. What is thought to be good for Nagas may be bad for them.

Nagas are seen as conservative and radical. Their attitude towards common society and government tells more of destruction than development. Nagas are building walls and borders within the Naga family with the politics of segregation as Nagas of Nagaland, of Assam, of Manipur etc. on the basis of arbitrary state boundaries. I feel and sense that, Nagas must be working harder together to break the arbitrary walls of boundaries that divide their ancestral compact land. Nagas are rather dividing themselves to their own ruin and shame while other nations are consolidating their force to defend and fight against their foes. The very indigenous citizens of Nagaland will be made insecure like those Nagas who have long been facing insecurity being minor and deprived in parts of Assam, Manipur, Arunachal and Myanmar since the creation of Nagaland state. The Native villagers and populace within the state of Nagaland did not suffer or demand alone for the state of Nagaland. It was the shedding and falling of blood, tears and sweats of all the Nagas that the Indians have made up their mind to play a politic of appeasement meal to the Nagas to give a statehood whose demand was for Naga sovereignty. After the statehood comes the element of separation of Naga brotherhood. This shows that, Nagas are still blind, blank and blunt, devoid of moral discernment. Sense of humanity and Naga fraternity have not been developed in the society yet. The fact must be realised and renounced by one and all then only the emergence of new Nagas will dawn upon our land. Fear that consequential curse will surely befall the Nagas, upon everyone who cause the fall.

Corrective suggestions and remedial measures could be that the Nagas re-surrender themselves to God and renew their lives in the light of universal human rights and the gospel of truth. Suggest that the intent of RIIN is re-examined and Nagas are kept safe within the Naga house. The question of Naga Native villagers and Naga immigrants may not serve well for all the Nagas in the long run. The Nagas outside Nagaland state have been the defenders and the pride of the Nagas within the state of Nagaland in many respects that has kept the Nagas protected. The Rengmas of Assam, Ao of Assam, Zeme of Assam etc. or any Nagas living in Dimapur district with the non Nagas are immigrants in one way or the other. They all must be equally safeguarded by laws be it RIIN as Acts by legislation or a new law to treat Nagas without a colour or class. Nagas living in Assam, Delhi or any part of India or abroad will be reciprocally treated as we treated non-Nagas at home. We are not human alone. How we treat others will be treated to us in equal or greater measures. Our politics must save and unite us.

The politic of classification or segregation among the Nagas in the state will have far flung affects not only the Nagas living in Nagaland but the whole Nagas living beyond and Non Nagas. I appeal to all the Naga National Political groups to refrain and distance from the state politics. The status and purpose of NNPGs or NSCN/GPRN in the talk with the GOI for Naga National identity be kept pure to its original purpose and objectives. I further appeal to exercise visionary politics and refrain from narrow or corruptive politics. Remember, it was India’s policy to stop the Nagas struggle for independent from India that Nagaland state was created. The fact was a heavy blow and block for the Nagas. The Indian state of Nagaland was given by India to finish the Nagas’ National identity and to make all Nagas Indian. The fact is a bitter truth. Politically Nagaland state is an appeasement plate of meal for the Nagas. The Nagas took the grant of the state to be the bedrock of the Naga society. But it turns out to be the bed rock of confusion and hullabaloo. The Nagas have been greatly fed, subscribed and succumbed to Indian enticing policies.

I wish and appeal to all Naga policy makers and leaders to exercise the wisdom to avoid the folly of committing another blunders. Nagas are not free and secure in their own home for want of Naga feeling as one people. We must get rid of all that threaten our unity, peace and freedom. Things are appearing more difficult with the current motion of the Nagas society. We must rethink, review and realized our wrongs and rights and renew our spirit of unity, love and common understanding. It is my earnest appeal to all Nagas’ leaders and people to relook at the Nagas without borders or walls in their own homeland. Nagas’ home must be safe for all the Nagas and safe haven for tourists and visitors of all mankind.

G Gwangphun

By EMN Updated: Aug 24, 2019 11:04:32 pm