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Reliving the past and gaiety marks Tsüngremmong celebrations

By Our Correspondent Updated: Aug 01, 2017 11:40 pm

Our Correspondent
Ungma (Mkg), August 1 (EMN): Every year in August, the Ao Naga tribe the main inhabitants of Mokokchung District celebrates Tsüngremmong for good harvest and a better life. The festival also provides opportunities for the budding generations of the village to display their skills and physical strengthThis year it was zealously observed at Ungma village of Mokokchung District on Tuesday evening.
The Longtrok Senden of Ungma organised the 32nd annual cultural competition at Babu Tzübu amphitheatre where ten local cultural clubs participated enthusiastically wearing their natives colourful traditional garb and singing traditional ‘Kimak’ songs expressing their gratitude to God for giving a high yield.
The programme was graced by Dr T Lima Jamir as special guest on the occasion. He stated that the club is not only about cultural activities but it plays a diverse role for the welfare of the society.
Lima also asserted that culture is the identity of a group of people living in a specific place where culture is learned from the elders, inherited from our ancestor and passed down to our descendants.
In this regard, he opined that mother tongue is the first step toward imparting cultural value to the children and urged the parents give more importance to mother tongue to be taught to their children.
Also asserting that Nagas tend to give importance to cultural traditions only during the tribal festival, he urged the people to uphold the rich cultural values and customs and to put into practice in their daily lifes too.
The winner of the 32nd Longtrok Senden Ungma annual cultural competition was bagged Aolijen and Evergreen Club Ungma was declared the runner-up.
The judges for the competition were Imdangmeren Jamir, Nungsangmeren Tatar and Rarenbenba Tatar from Ungma.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Aug 01, 2017 11:40:00 pm