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Relaxing Games

By EMN Updated: May 24, 2016 12:44 am

Untitled-6No scores, no timers, just goals! these type of games fall under the category of “relaxing games”, where you don’t have to worry about anything but just reach a goal by taking your own sweet time. There are several games out there and here are some of the best mobile relaxing games:
1.    Infinity Loop (Free to play with in-app purchase)
This game is all about disconnecting and connecting lines by rotating them. Its easy to play and once you get the hang of it, I guarantee that you will get stuck playing it every chance you get. Its a great time waster! So, you begin by tapping on the lines and rotating them to connect all the lines together into one seamless loop without any break points in between them, that’s it! Like I mentioned before, there are no scores of any kind so you just keep solving one puzzle after another. The game gets its name due to the fact that it has an infinity number of levels! literally infinite since the levels are generated randomly. There are players who have reached more than 1 million levels which you can have a look at through the leaderboard section. There is another section called “Dark Mode” where your objective is to break away all the connected lines – which is the exact opposite of the classic version. Although the classic mode is free to play for an infinite number of levels, you will have to purchase the remaining levels in dark mode. If there is one relaxing game which I would suggest immediately, Infinity loop would be at the top of my list. And besides, more than 5 million players can’t be wrong.

2.    Zenge ( Rs 52 / $0.99)
Here’s a kind of Jigsaw puzzle which is quite unique! It starts off really simple, with lines drawn and pieces at each end. All you have to do is move those pieces to fit together. I love puzzle games and this one does not disappoint with its simplicity and beautiful style. After playing a couple of levels, I found out that as the levels progressed, it got tougher and tougher but it never took me over the edge where I gave up on it, I mean each level is so carefully designed to make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed by the puzzles and one look at any new objective or mechanic and you will easily understand what it does. There are certain areas where you can flip the piece or rotate them or teleport them and even though there are no “tutorials” to guide you through it, it can be easily understood – which is the whole point of this game. And just like infinity loop, there are no timers or scores so you can take your own time to finish each level as you listen to the zen like music playing in the background and figuring out each level. And at the end of each level, you will be rewarded with a beautiful artwork which actually tells a story – don’t worry, I won’t give you any spoilers on what the story is about *wink*.
3.    Let’s Create! Pottery Lite 
(Free to play with in-app purchase)

Wanna create virtual pots? Now that doesn’t sound very useful since you won’t be able to do anything with it. That was my first thought when I saw this game, but after trying it just for the heck of it, I found out that it can actually be quite interesting to create pots! Yes, This game lets you create and decorate pottery. When you enter the game, there is a spinning pot in the middle, and all you have to do is drag your fingers along it to re-shape it according to your design. Once you’re happy with it, you can sell it for points and using those points, you can purchase additional items such as colors, patterns and textures. And using those items, you can create even more pots using different tools. There is literally no limit to what you can create by molding the pot to any shape you want, adding textures and colors and more. This game is all about creativity and you can clearly see it when you visit their official forum and have a look at all the designs created by other players.

By EMN Updated: May 24, 2016 12:44:50 am