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Rejoinder to Wokha range under tourism radar

By EMN Updated: Apr 06, 2014 1:23 am

Apropos to news item appeared in local paper, Eastern Mirror in its 21st March issue under the caption “Wokha Range under Tourism Radar” where in it has been stated that the migratory bird Amur Falcons are roosting in Englan Range is totally distorted version and wrongful dissemination of facts to the younger generation. Therefore, Pangti Village Council refutes the news item in its strongest term. The migratory bird Amur Falcons have been roosting in Pangti village jurisdiction of Sungro Range since their first migration years back.
The Pangti village is internationally acclaimed as the world largest Amur Falcons roosting place through national and international print and IT media. Substantiating the acclamation, one of the female Amur Falcons was named ‘Pangti” that was tagged with satellite tracking devise and released last November bringing Pangti village in the world map. To further substantiate Pangti village as the world largest Amur Falcons roosting place, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Nagaland Shri. Neiphiu Rio accompanied by ministers and high ranking dignitaries visited the roosting spot on November 10 and 11, 2013 and took stock of the facts. During the hon;ble Chief Minister’s visit, the village council had submitted a representation requesting for creation of Tourism Development related infrastructures in Sungro Range. However, it is so disappointing to learn through media that Integrated Tourism Project to be funded by DONER is earmarked in Englan Range which in reality is not roosting place of Amur Falcons.
It is admitted that there was large scale killing and trapping of the migratory bird in the past, however, sense of Protection and Conservation of Wildlife Animal, especially Amur Falcons prevail in the mindset of the Pangti villagers after serious joint effort of Government, Forest/ Wildlife Department and several NGOs which is a hard earned achievement. Thereafter, Pangti village Council along with entire populace had extended maximum cooperation to Government and NGOs in protecting and conserving Amur Falcons during last year migration period.
The Pangti Village Council and entire populace substantiate to the news item published in local daily newspaper; Eastern Mirror under the caption “Screwed Vision’ on its 26th March 2014 issue. The Pangti Village Council reiterates that truth should prevail and any developmental funds forthcoming connected to roosting place of Amur Falcons should be decided giving due consideration to opinions mentioned in the caption newspaper “Screwed Vision.”
Inspite of the positive attitude and approach of Pangti villagers in particular and Sungro Range in general, if people’s aspirations are ignored, it may pose serious repercussion from the public. Therefore, in the event of villagers resorting to non-cooperation in the near future, Pangti Village Council and villagers should not be held responsible. Phomla Hoichem2

S Wobamo Kikon
Secretary, Pangti Village Council

Ronchamo Shitiri
Chairman, Pangti Village Council

By EMN Updated: Apr 06, 2014 1:23:57 am