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Rejoinder to NPF Press Releases

By EMN Updated: May 28, 2016 12:29 am

It is one thing to ‘make the records straight’ but quite another to hurl insults and make public ones prejudiced opinion. The press release issued by the NPF women wing central on 26th of May in the local dallies supposedly to make records straight has miserably failed to serve the purpose they proposed to fulfill. Rather, it has showcased the frustration and malice towards their ‘opponents’. It is quite unfortunate that these women, holding respectable posts, resort to pitching personal insults in an attempt to demean and disgrace their once beloved leaders. Shamefully, they have disgraced themselves and the NPF party. What’s worst, they want to seem very knowledgeable but they have failed to impart any kind of knowledge to the readers. Instead, they have portrayed what they so rightly said themselves, “empty vessels (INDEED) make more noise”. Likewise, their younger comrades are not far behind. The press release issued by the NPF central youth wing a day before, on the 25th of May is riddled with weightless accusations. One could ask, what on earth is going on in their heads? Not much it would seem, given the pitiful language they have used. It was linguistic-cringe at its worse.
Nevertheless, the press release given by the NPF Central Youth wing made for a rather interesting read. First, on one hand they are holding Mr. Rio responsible and instrumental in ‘destabilizing’ the present DAN Government (which means they admit that the government is unstable). Whereas, on the other hand, they say that the party remains one of the strongest regional party in the north-east. This blatant contradictory statement by the party leaves one wondering how stable or how strong the NPF led Government really is!
Secondly, regarding their stand on the Chief Minister’s educational qualification, they said ‘the party has nothing to comment as the law will take its own course”, this brings us to the question, if the CM really does have a genuine ‘graduation degree certificate’ why are they waiting for the court to ‘exonerate’ him? Wouldn’t it be simpler to just produce his degree to the court? Wouldn’t that end the case once and for all? Why allow the case to drag on at all? We need to keep in mind that the issue here is not whether he is a graduate or not. As we are aware, politicians do not have an educational qualification bar. For all we care, he may just be a matriculate or not even that! The point of concern here is whether the CM has been lying to the people and continues to mislead them.
This brings us back to what the NPF women wing so rightly asserted, “there is a world of difference between using fake certificate and giving wrong information”. While Mr. Rio has already absolved himself by amending the ‘wrong information’ given to the public, the honorable Chief Minister is still silent on this matter. As mentioned earlier, all he has to do is show the court and the public his degree certificate instead of waiting to give a “befitting reply in the right platform at the right time”. The NPF President’s silence on the same is deafening.
We need an honest leader. Not one that lies to his people. Is it not detrimental to the welfare of the society to be so complacent to this glaring issue? We cannot allow a liar to lead us. It is high time for us Nagas to wake up and move ahead and not backwards. Just because we are not primary or active members of the NPF does not mean we have no say in Govt. affairs. The constitution of India clearly says ‘of the people, for the people, and by the people’. Or perhaps the present NPF President and his party men have forgotten the basic principles of Democracy and true to existing fears, turning autocratic in their nature.-
Kenuozou Colony

By EMN Updated: May 28, 2016 12:29:48 am