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Rejoinder to NPF Central Against Public Reception of Neiphiu Rio at Dimapur Airport

By EMN Updated: May 28, 2016 12:32 am

NPF CENTRAL disgruntlement about the public reception of their tallest NPF party leader Neiphiu Rio at Dimapur airport on 24 May amid one of the largest public gatherings in awe and solidarity of its leader is just a hasty diplomacy to capture the imagination of the general public. But the true character of NPF central party is reveal as one of invective, vicious,, artificial, unnatural,and a liar; who have lost all its linquistic decorum.
The massive gatherings of the Naga people at the airport was no doubt a great emphasis of solidarity of the Naga people to Neiphiu Rio. For, “Rio walk in, in his famed and influentially spoke to his people and walk home worthy of a true leader.”
It is also, a shame for the NPF central to have cast aspersion on the character and worthiness of some of its leaders who spoke on the occasion with enlightened speech. And just to let NPF central eat its word, let me remind them that two former home minister of the NPF Party government and to mention one who is also a founding member working-president of the erstwhile Nagaland People’s Front spoke in solidarity with Neiphiu Rio, it is also true that a current member of Legislative assembly of Nagaland spoke at the reception; who rightly pointed out that the NPF party President Dr Shurhozelie should not remain silent and come out in the open about the qualification issue of TR Zeliang the present NPF chief minister, who lied about his qualification. NPF central is also reminded that nobody is afraid of anybody and that true leaders will not be cowed down. For true leaders must speak the truth and fight for the truth. They will ever remain bold, not even when they are threaten with suspension order.
While it is true that the party unwavering stand must be to hammer out any differences with utmost democratic spirit. It is also universal truth to demand for change of leadership if the leadership is unworthy of its salt. It is not anti-party activity. Dictatorial, narrow, short sighted, autocratic rule must be erased from the party, for, it will otherwise become a mockery to itself.
The Naga people have been politically very conscious and matured enough to think good for themselves, what right to say and what right to do for themselves. Their (Naga public) reception of their leader Neiphiu Rio was spontaneous reaction with their love and admiration for him. But one cannot speak of TR Zeliang’s public reception not so long ago at the same airport on his arrival after getting some dubious international award for it was a faux pas, a social blunder, where only some of his henchmen were present with some bouquet for him. All said and done one only feels pity for TR Zeliang. NPF central should also know whether it be taxi stand or train or bus station or airport Naga people can go meet their leader. There is nothing alien about it.
Wanghei Konyak
NPF Active Members, Mon Town.

By EMN Updated: May 28, 2016 12:32:27 am