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Rejoinder to NBCC on Satanism

By EMN Updated: Jan 14, 2014 11:30 pm

Controversy on Satanism
As a responsible Biblical Research Scholar, I have been constrained by the Holy Spirit and the sensible readers to discuss the misleading statement of NBCC on Satanism by highlighting the Biblical Truth and the Gospel Truth on Satanism-worship of Satan. After long silence on the most crucial doctrine the Bible, it was amazing to note that the Nagaland Baptist Church Council came forward to talk about the real existence of Satanism in the State like the doubting Thomas with the caution, “Not to blow the matter out of proportion” exposing her cowardice, doubt, fear and evasion of her main responsibility as a representative of Jesus Christ. Such negative approach toward the critical subject of the Bible was never expected if he claims to represent twenty church associations with more than 1500 churches as a good shepherd of the sheep.
Instead of such fear psychosis who existed in heaven before the creation of mankind, she must acknowledge the existence of Satan with the mighty army of evil spirits, demons who are continuing to wage war on the Naga Christians on all fronts-social, economic, culture, political, administrative and religious levels and take up the role of a real guardianship of the people and the land. She must remember that even Jesus Christ, the son of God faced fierce temptations of Satan but defeated him with the word of God, prayer and fasting.
The Council must understand that Satan is a spiritual being as God and the Holy Spirit is a spiritual being under the direct control of God. Hence, a human made Council has no control, no jurisdiction to control his nature and activities around the world including Nagaland. Instead of avoiding him and denying his existence like the ostrich, the Council is advised to take the Naga Christians to wage the full scale war led by the leaders of the Council. Instead of running away from her chief enemy, she must be able to stand up like David against Goliath to bring victory in Jesus Christ who has shown her the way, the truth and the life.

God’s chosen vessels
In every generation God took His liberty to choose His vessels to perform his mighty works. Even in this generation God is doing the same thing -choosing His few servants who surrender to His will and the guidance of the Holy Spirit under the aegis of the Transformation Crusaders. Since the mainline church, the majority of the Christians consisting of the Baptists do not acknowledge the mighty works of the Holy Spirit over the works of the evil spirits through His few chosen vessels,God has started to exercise His freedom to use the few chosen servants of God who have surrendered to His guidance in waging war against the works of the evil spirits in the land by sidelining the so called majority Christians. They have become lukewarm like the Laodician Church which God has rejected them totally. So that she has become like the useless rags despite herself righteousness, pride and arrogance.

State of affairs in Naga society today
Out of the concerted research finding of few intellectuals in the State it has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that the Naga society today has become fully rotten in all levels. Satan, the founder of pride, rebellion, disunity, lies, destruction and torture has been attacking the Nagas in all levels more thaa even before as seen by all. Socially, they are fully fragmented, economically, the State is bankrupt, culturally they have become adulterated, politically and administratively the State is in a state of anarchy and corruption of all kinds. Religiously, she is lukewarm neither cool or hot already rejected by God. Hence the crux of the question for the Naga Society today is, “Who will bell the cat”?

Hope in the remnant concept
It may be called that the Israelites were saved by God through few chosen servants of God. They were punished severely through their disobedience and idol worship. 99.9 per cent of them were perished in the wilderness within forty years. Only 0.1 per cent of the Israelites reached Canaan-the land flowing with milk and honey. They were the chosen remnants, chosen by God to accomplish His mighty works. The same logic is applicable in Naga society today. God has rejected the vast majority of Christians and chosen few of His dedicated servants to accomplish His mighty works of salvation in all fronts-physically, mentally and spiritually. In due course of time, the social, economic, cultural, political and religious life of the Nagas may be saved through these negligence servants of God whom He has anointed to deliver goods to the dying people and the land.
Request to the Transformation Crusaders
Considering the aforesaid facts and circumstances and the merits of the Biblical research findings, the Transformation crusaders are sincerely requested to go ahead with the spiritual battle against the mighty works of the devil despite all the challenges, condemnation, criticism and rejection. They must keep in mind that Jesus has conquered sin and death brought by Satan and his angels on the cross of Calvary. They will also conquer sin and death like Jesus Christ. There is a bright hope beyond the horizon of darkness, the kingdom of Satan. The crusaders are fervently requested to go ahead with the cross of Christ toward victory over sin and death. Let us keep in mind that God does not believe in big number of people as Jesus himself assured us, “Where there are two or three gathered in my name, I am in the midst of them”. God , the all powerful, all knowing and all present is with us forever and ever as Jesus assured us, “ Behold, I am with you always till the end of the world”. God is with you, the son, Jesus Christ is with you, the Holy Spirit, the teacher, guide and the comforter is with you. Hence, you do not need to be afraid of men, but instead be afraid of God. Let us do the will of God rather than the will of men with full of errors, sins of commissions and omissions.
The few chosen servants of God and their friends are continuing to pray for you all for complete victory in the spiritual battle. Let us therefore put on the full amour of God that we may be able to stand against the wills of the devil. So that one day we may together shout the slogan, ‘Victory, victory, victory in the name of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings”.

Dr E Renphamo Lotha,
Biblical Research Scholar, GSM

By EMN Updated: Jan 14, 2014 11:30:48 pm