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Rejoinder to Chendang village allegations

By EMN Updated: Sep 03, 2014 11:34 pm

THE Chendang Village Council allegations against MrYungphu published in the Eastern Mirror on 14th August and Nagaland Post on 15th August alleged that he has revealed ‘one M-20, one 303 Rifle, Two shot gun ( cartos ) and three muzzle loader were provided by the YTC and other financial expenses were sponsored by the same. ‘ I was arrested on false charges by the Chendang villager on 8th August and interrogated like a criminal at council hall. I hereby clarify all concerned that there was no such word from me as alleged, and the Chendang Village Council allegation is completely false which is purely their creation. At the Chendang village council interrogation, they alleged that the arrested person is a ‘terrorist’ member which is highly questionable when I am a member of Saddle Village Council. I personally clarify that at late night of 7th August, I and Mr. Thsanshimong were at the guard of mithuns where Mr. Lachumong and Yanchu led the mob and attacked at our hut with 303 Rifle. The mob seized our mobile phones and licensed SBBL gun no. 14494, licensed no. 4809 issued date 6.5.1988 tuensang and 15 pieces of live cartridges. Chendang council alleged that only 7 live cartridges were found in our possession but its 15 pieces. So 8 cartridges are stolen by them. On the way, Mr. Thsanshimong had a miraculous escape. After his escape, they bound my hands with rope and blindfolded my eyes and began torturing mercilessly.
When I was taken to their council hall at Chendang, interrogation began by one VG. He asked, is this job of guarding mithuns entrusted by Yinsoba? I replied, they are leaders of our village and it is their duty to assign us in turn for guard moreover there was no youth last night due to sports, so even though I am VCM, I came to guard the crops from mithuns. But the interrogator said that ‘you have to return back to Yakor by tomorrow or day after since you came from Yakor Village. He warned me that ‘If you continue staying in the Saddle and cultivate again, you will get bullet.’ In their allegation on me as ‘terrorist’, even the Council Chairman of Saddle MrWongto Chang clarified through phone in the presence of Head GB Mr. Ritsü that “Mr. Yungphu is a VCM of Saddle and his involvement in any anti-social activities is false and baseless.
This is for further clarification to all and sundry that, the allegation- I revealed that “one M-20, one 303 rifle, Two shot gun ( cartos ) and three muzzle loader were provided by the YTC besides providing all the daily rations and financial expenses and Shri. Yinsoba, s/o Hankiumong was appointed as caretaker of all the arms provided by YTC” is a grave and blunder allegation which I have never ever uttered from my mouth. I wonder from where they got the figures and information! This is nothing short of illusion which is far from my personal life and activities. I hope that, sooner or later truth and justice will be manifested by the court of law and also by divine intervention.

VCM, Saddle village

By EMN Updated: Sep 03, 2014 11:34:11 pm