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Regional pol party is confused from beginning, says NPCC

By EMN Updated: May 26, 2016 12:54 am

DIMAPUR, MAY 25: Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) today said that as NNO, the forerunner of Congress adopted a resolution in 1972 at Pfütsero NNO Convention, the party will endeavour to solve the Naga political problem through peaceful and constitutional means.
“We have lived to the promises by offering talks without pre-conditions. The party is founded based on honesty and truthfulness and we have proven our sincerity and courage in making decisions. Given opportunity, we shall endeavour to solve the political problem without hesitance.”
Reacting to a write up of Thenucho Tunyi, Media Cell, NPCC said, he has willfully ignored the good deeds of Nagaland People’s Convention (NPC) and NNO, the forerunner of Congress and has branded as anti-Naga quoting Lt. A. Kevichusa’s “bad bargain” words in reference to the 16-Point Agreement.
“What better bargain Regional Party could do is yet to be seen. The Congress party and its forerunner parties have not moved from the ideologies and principles to endeavour to solve the political problem through peaceful and constitutional means”.
“It is this policy that has brought the 16-Point Agreement. The Congress has always stood for fulfilling the Plebiscite decision. The 16-Point Agreement has fulfilled self-determination to a great-extent. Today, Delhi does not make any decisions for Nagaland’s people in matters of State List, Concurrent List and Art 371(A). It is because of our weakness in economy that we need their support besides share of taxes and our own taxes.”
Remembering with gratitude to founding fathers of Statehood, the NPCC said that it was not easy to formulate the 16-Points of political structure.
“Yet, it is easy to criticise. It is the living 16-Point Agreement that has given shape and future to Nagaland people. We owe them all that we have today and a guaranteed future. If NPC and GoI had not agreed on the 16-Point Agreement, Nagaland, may be still a District under Assam struggling for Sovereignty with the objectives of the Plebiscite.”
The NPCC recalled, “Even after the inauguration of Statehood, NNO leaders who formed state government did not want to leave those who could not agree to the 16-Point Agreement and they persuaded Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and ceasefire was signed with FGN/NNC on 6th Sept. 1964. The allegation of forming govt. to finish the Naga Political Movement is completely out of ill will. After signing the Ceasefire, unfortunately, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru passed away and could not start negotiations but his only daughter Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India held six rounds of talks with the delegate of FGN. This was the highest level of negotiations in the history of Nagaland Political movement. When the talks assumed, Democratic Party of Nagaland with seven Members resigned is support of the talks. Unfortunately, the talks failed and FGN fractured forming Revolutionary Government of Nagaland. They soon entered into agreement with GOI in 1973.”
“On 11th Nov. 1975, the Shillong Accord was signed during President’s Rule. UDF claimed the credit. The signing of Shillong Accord, released over 700 political war prisoners from various jails. People were happy and UDF was voted to power in 1977.”
The NPCC asserted that the present day talks are the fruits of the Congress’ commitment to solve the Naga political problem. “In the backdrop of the Shillong Accord when there was turmoil in the state, it was in 1991 when on 18th May, Lt. Rajiv Gandhi arrived in Dimapur accompanied by Sonia Gandhi. After being given a detailed account of the Naga Political Problem, Rajiv Gandhi announced talks without preconditions if voted to power on 19th May 1991. Taking this commitment forward, it was the Congress Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao who formally announced talks with no conditions on 22nd Feb. 1996, resulting, in the present day ceasefires and negotiations.”
“So far, regional political party has achieved Shillong Accord in the history of Naga political movement, besides that, one can see their personal buildings, hotels and lands. Regional political party is confused from the beginning till date. They are neither patriots nor mediators. Politically they are one side of the coin; the other side is an empty -invalid coin. Their policy is not more than to encourage the public continue to struggle without solution and use public sentiment to win elections, to loot the public funds.”

By EMN Updated: May 26, 2016 12:54:22 am