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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Refrain from using profane language on social media, NDPP youths told

By EMN Updated: Jun 06, 2020 10:00 pm

Dimapur, June 6 (EMN): Considering the need to utilise simple available tools to fill the need to stay informed, communicate and strategise action plan to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) leadership had a meeting with the Central Youth Organisation via Zoom Cloud Application on June 6.
This was informed by the NDPP media and communication committee through an update on Saturday.

Chaired by Merentoshi R Jamir, spokesperson and convenor of the Media and Communications Committee, the meeting was attended by Secretary General of NDPP Abu Metha, President of the youth organisation Kelhouneizo Yhome and General Secretary TL Merry, central leaders and rank and files of the youth organisation, informed the press communiqué.
Speaking at the meeting, Metha thanked the youth organisation actively engaging in various social media platforms, but at the same time advised the members ‘to refrain from using profane language on social media or engage in dirty paper wars, even though we have witnessed many who have been blatantly attacking without proper information or with ulterior motives’.

He said that responsible leaders must make constructive criticism and defend the government with facts and accurate details. He advised the youth to refrain from making slanderous statements, practise social media responsibility but respond to slanderous criticism with truth and maturity.

Metha motivated the youths “to rise to the occasion and use the tools of modern technology and social media realities to change the narrative to a positive scenario for the overall betterment of society”. He also observed that “charities and donations should be from the heart and not for the sake of publicity and media”, adding that “the NDPP will follow this mantra and continue to serve the people with renewed commitment”.

Jamir, who also spoke at the meeting, asked “the house to discuss among themselves and share views and suggestions and bring it up in the next upcoming meetings to find ways to support and render any help possible together under the banner of the youth organisation, also various instruction were given to improve media communication with rank and file in all regions”.

He also ‘urged the youth to make all efforts to help the people during these challenging times and ensure that the programmes and policies of the government reach the people at the grassroots’.

The youth organisation of the party conveyed its appreciation to Metha and Jamir for organising the meeting during the trying times induced by the novel coronavirus. It also lauded the government machineries, frontline workers, NGOs and the chief minister of the state, who have been risking their health and tirelessly working to combat the Covid-19 which has threatened the entire human race.

Yhome said that despite criticisms, cheap propaganda and conspiracies doing the rounds, the youth organisation has faith that the party in power, with its allies, would stand steadfast like its motto “Facta non Verba” and that eventually truth shall prevail.

The youth organisation felt that though they have been contributing within their own capacities, they would contribute more materially, physically, or any other means if needed.

By EMN Updated: Jun 06, 2020 10:00:00 pm