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Refrain from terming Karbi – Rengma clash

By EMN Updated: Jan 17, 2014 11:21 pm

It is quite disheartening to come across in some local and regional dailies terming the Karbi perpetrated atrocities upon the peace loving Rengmas who are indigenous people of the soil since time immemorial as – ‘Karbi and Rengma Clash’. Mass media and civil societies would be much wiser should they refrain from terming the Karbi created turmoil as clash of the two communities since Rengmas had and will never have clash of interest or whatsoever with any group of people.
Right thinking citizens all over must have come to know very well the genesis of the turmoil that was created by KPLT forces that are illegally armed to the death along with Karbi Public who intruded into the peaceful Rengma Villages in Rengma Hill Areas of Assam, killing innocent women and children indiscriminately and burning of houses and grannies randomly. Their wild dream is purely pre-planned diabolic scheme to Wage Civil War with the peace loving Rengmas in order to chase them out and grab their land. This mischievous scheme to pursue a Utopian dream of forming a Karbi Statehood through militant means at the expenses of other neighboring communities prompted them to engage in bloody conflict with all the neighboring ethnic group of people since the 90’s.
Like any other ethnic minorities, the NRHPF was compelled to defend their villages from the marauding KPLT forces which resulted in the death of three of their Cadres. Despite the unwarranted Provocations and terrors meted out by the KPLT cadres to the peace loving Rengma Villages, the latter group of people restrained themselves from reacting to the uttermost. However, the one side attitude of Tarung Gogoi govt. in dealing with the conflict has turned out to be of grave concern for the Rengmas in Assam. His govt. is aiding and abetting the terrorist activities of KTPL and its leader Rajen Engti Karbi who was arrested recently by its Police. Rajen Engti’s involvement in the abduction and disappearance incident of Late Mr. Nzankheng Rengma on October 21 2013 as revealed by Mr. Deven Tisso and John Rangpar who were arrested Rengmas, clearly shows the hand in glove relation between Assam govt. and the KTPL.As per their revelation, Karbis are determined and are all out to wage civil war with the Rengma in Assam in order to flush them out and grap their land.
It is also amusing to learn the Karbis who are the perpetrators of the conflict and who are not at all affected or displaced by the unfortunate incident, but are being given shelter at the relief Camps along side with the genuinely affected and displaced Rengmas, just to get free relief material from the KAAC and Assam govt.
The CNRH/NRHPF is constraint to warn the marauding Karbis to restrain themselves completely from their mischievous dreams of chasing out the land owners of Rengma Hills to form a Karbi Statehood and ensure Karbi hegemony at the expense of the indigenous people of the land, who will never part with even an inch of its land and will never cow down to the aggression and threats from any quarters

Keyhang Rengma
Chairman, CNRH/NRHPF, Assam

By EMN Updated: Jan 17, 2014 11:21:20 pm