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Reflections on Reaction of Government of People’s Republic of Nagalim on Acaut Rally, 25 August 2017

By EMN Updated: Sep 04, 2017 11:40 pm

Thepfulhouvi Solo

It is surprising and uncomfortable to see a Government of a Nation stooping down so low as to malign an individual Citizen personally of his profession and his personal private relationships in the media; the Government of the People’s Republic (GoPR) of Nagalim did that, and that in malicious, pugnacious and indecent language!
Mr. Khekiye Sema was transparent, straightforward, honest and open enough to criticize his kinsman Isak Chishi, Chairman of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim of being “rubber stamp shadow of the NSCN”.
Khekiye has every right to his own opinion. Who in Nagaland who matters and has concern for the Naga, does not view the nice old religious Isak exactly as Khekiye had said.
Isak Chishi spoke chaste Tenyidie (Angami) and when some of his old high School friends met him at Hebron, they spoke to him in Tenyidie. Isak spoke a few words in Angami hesitantly to his friends but said uneasily that in his presence Muivah likes him to speak with others in Nagamese!
Mr. Khekiye was decent enough to attend Chishi’s Funeral and wrote nice words about the Old Man who has gone to the other side of the River.
The whole of 1375-Worded GoPR statement in the Local News Media of 2 Sept 2017 is personal attack on Khekiye and contains mostly irrelevant undiplomatic, abrasive and pugnacious Words very unbecoming of an honorable Government. The GoPR has exposed itself to the world and to the Naga Public of its deplorable low diplomatic standard of decency.
This is especially brazen and an odd anathema too, to many Naga since the Group never tires of claiming itself the most knowledgeable, the most politically correct and the most internationally connected representative of the Naga Nation; the Group has not understood ‘the writing on the Wall’!
The Words and the Tone of the language the GoPR used in its description of the ACAUT Rally is brazenly ignorant in the sense that ACAUT (AGAINST CORRUPTION AND UNLAWFUL TAXATION) was formed mainly against the GoPR Taxations with the ‘Bhuut’ and the Barrel of the GoPR Gun.
The former Chief Minister and presently MP from Nagaland also claimed very surprisingly that the ACAUT RALLY against CORRUPTION IN NAGALAND has a ‘Political Agenda’. This is very surprising for a person not particularly known for Political Principles but generally viewed as big-hearted. Has politics beguiled him?
The former CM however, corrected himself to some extent immediately by public statement that he is not opposed to ACAUT Rally against Corruption.
Mr. Khekiye criticized Corruption in the Government of Nagaland, he even went to the extent of openly criticizing the NON-Participation of the NAGA COUNCIL OF DIMAPUR in the Rally and has aptly said the action of the Naga Council Dimapur not joining the Rally amounts to “Support for Corruption” in Nagaland.

Let me quote what KHEKIYE said:
“The Government of India must officially call all the six NNPGs to be included in the Naga political solution as an independent entity and not as under the NSCN (IM)”. This, he stated, is the meaning of inclusiveness.
“Otherwise, there will be a civil war in Nagaland. This is the message that must reach the Government of India. This is a message that must reach the NSCN (IM).”
No Naga, I have heard ever, condemned the IM for fighting war with the Indian Army. It is true the Army treated Naga individually, in Groups and Villages even Non-combatants inhumanly. One day, India must scratch its conscience and apologize to the Naga for the Army’s inhuman treatment of the Naga as Australia and Canada has done to the Indigenous of the land.
The NSCN (IM) cannot take a holier than thou stance on this Issue of shedding blood of the Naga. There is a saying: ‘when you point your fore finger at others, the remaining 4 fingers point at yourself’. On the Issue of ‘Naga Killing Naga’, the IM started it with their adopted Mao’s Principle of ‘Political Power comes through the Barrel of the Gun’. They love Political Power more than their People.
The IM appears do not understand the main reason most Nagas fear and dislike them: it is their occupation of protecting their notorious but effective Principle of the ‘barrel of the Gun’ for every kind of Political, Social, Commercial Business Taxations in Naga Society.
The GoPR Statement of 2 Sept 2017, the last Para, calls for the conscience of all Naga to their vain Idea that GoPR alone fights for all the “Millions of Nagas outside the present State of Nagaland”.
The fundamental Truth of the Naga’s fight is:
Every Naga gives his life for his Own Territory, not for others.
The IM often engages Non-Naga for Naga National Movement, an anathema the IM does not seem to perceive.
If the Naga of present Nagaland State enjoy the fruits of Nagaland; it is by themselves and not by others who like to enjoy it.
Like it or not, the Naga of Nagaland will decide his own destiny, not by others.

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