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Rededication to India

By The Editorial Team Updated: Aug 14, 2019 11:08 pm

How much do we value our Independence? Before celebrating another Independence Day, we must ask ourselves this question. We are all proud to be Indians, but have we ever done anything to make India proud? Since 1947, most of our have deeds earned bad name for our beloved country. We must realise that our duties do not end with introducing us as proud Indians. A proud citizen needs to do more than that. Arguably, few Indians have performed this responsibility credibly, but the rest have failed miserably. If we truly love our country, it is most a appropriate time to take a vow to make our motherland proud.

For seven decades India has been a sovereign, socialist, secular democratic republic. Let us examine how we have fulfilled those terms which we ourselves had written in the preamble of our constitution. A democratic republic means a place where the wishes of the people is supreme; Constitution promises equal justice for all its citizens. But have we ever shown any inclination to make those promises a reality? Money and muscle power dominate our elections. Underworld dons win elections easily instead of persons who are actually connected to the grassroots. Riches are sure to win elections, as candidates spend more than their rivals during campaigning willfully crossing the restrictions imposed on expenditure by the Election Commission. Various steps to curb the twin influence on poll outcome have failed to yield any results.

Herein in India, the rich and powerful have escaped from being punished for crimes committed by them. There are many such instances where the judgement of a lower court has either been stayed or reversed just to favour the powerful. As a result, adherence to law is steadily taking a backseat. Everyone knows that the law has turned in to a toothless tiger in our country. If one is powerful or one enjoys the blessings of those in power, law will not dare to touch them. It seems that our country has forgotten the basic rules of democracy. Democracy is not all about winning elections. Rather, it claims superiority over other ruling systems as democracy promises equal justice to all. This very idea of democracy is being defeated in our beloved country.

Now coming to the question of secularism, one must admit that Indians have never understood this very concept. The word secularism is just another expression of the age-old tolerance that Indian society has exhibited for years. The society never discriminated against anyone on the basis of caste, creed or religion. But for the lust of power and money, a particular influential section of our society has virtually destroyed this unique social fabric of India. It is because of them that  only today India is hitting headlines for all wrong reasons like riots, discrimination, untouchability, etc. As the powerful are patronizing this suicidal act, political blessings are always with them. The mixture of politics and power has made them so ambitious that the powerful are now deciding who will eat what and in some instances, what dress the people should wear. Surely, it is not the same India for which hundreds of martyrs sacrificed their lives during freedom struggle. To make an India of their dreams, we must rededicate ourselves to nation building with the right earnest without any further delay. This will be the real tribute to those who made us free by fighting against the British.

By The Editorial Team Updated: Aug 14, 2019 11:08:39 pm
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