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Razhe Club observes its 14th Annual Day

By EMN Updated: Apr 27, 2019 12:53 am
The members of Razhe Club during the Annual Day-cum-Tsükhenyie Festival celebration at Glory Peak on April 26.

Dimapur, April 26 (EMN): The Razhe Club, Pfutsero Town observed its 14th Annual Day-cum-Tsükhenyie Festival at Glory Peak on April 26. Pfutseromi Village Council Chairman Menyelhi Mero was the quest speaker of the event.

Mero described Razhe Club as one of the most active and best clubs in Pfutsero town that primarily focuses on charity works and welfare of the people during the function, informed an update from the club president Kedoutso Thahu. While sharing on the significance of Tsüknenyie festival, he said that it (festival) would bring good luck and prosperity in everything that one takes up and also invokes more blessing. He also said that it is an occasion to give.

During the occasion, nomination committee convener and adviser W. K. Ritse announced the new office bearers of the club for the tenure 2019-21: Vizo Leah – president; Lhiwekhrolo Pradia – general secretary; Sanyi Dukru – finance secy; Neingusa Kapfo – treasurer; and Ngunyi Khutso – publicity and infornation secretary. The new advisors of the club are Ngulhinyi Thahu, Thipucüyi Yhobu, and W.K. Ritse.

By EMN Updated: Apr 27, 2019 12:53:55 am