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Ravi’s appointment prelude to President’s Rule in Nagaland — Pradyut Bordoloi

By Mirror Desk Updated: Aug 20, 2019 11:28 pm
Pradyut Bordoloi speaking at the 75th birth anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi in Dimapur on Tuesday.

Eastern Mirror Desk

Dimapur, Aug. 20: The secretary of All India Congress Committee (AICC) Nagaland in-charge and member of Lok Sabha from Assam, Pradyut Bordoloi has claimed that with RN Ravi inducted as the new governor of Nagaland, President’s Rule will be imposed in the state and Article 371 (A) stripped off.

“They are trying to impose the RSS ideology and the unitary concept of Hindutva,” said Bordoloi while speaking at a function to mark the 75th birth anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi, in Dimapur on Tuesday.

As reference, he said that in Jammu and Kashmir, the central government was using unconstitutional ways by installing a governor of the state as a “stooge and rubberstamp of the BJP.”

In Nagaland, he alleged, Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio was running the government according to the directives of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“People in the state (Nagaland) have joined BJP but they do not realise on what theory the RSS and BJP strives,” said Bordoloi

He alleged that the BJP, riding on its overwhelming majority, is attempting to remove the basic parameters of the Constitution of India.

The MP maintained that the RSS has played no role and never participated in the freedom struggle of the country and propagated the ‘two-nation theory’ when India was fighting for its independence from colonial Britain.

Bordoloi further spoke on the digital transformation and the new millennium plan that the late Rajiv Gandhi had envisioned for a new India. He said that Gandhi’s basic viewpoint was to decentralise power in the country, which meant that power would not be accumulated only in New Delhi.

“Today a lot of people undermine the efforts and credits of Rajiv Gandhi but it was him who actually gave a roadmap to India through dialogue and understanding,” said Bordoloi, adding that Rajivi not only brought amendments but also the Panchayati Raj which gave power to the grassroots groups.

“He viewed the progress of the nation in a very scientific temperament while also emphasising the development of women, youth and children,” he said.

Pointing out the various accomplishments under Rajiv Gandhi, Bordoloi stressed on the magnitude of the contribution he had made in software export. “Before 1978, there was no software export from India but in 1990, one million worth of export in the software industry took place,” informed Bordoloi.

The MP also informed that Rajiv had envisaged India to be a superpower by the 21st century in the digital world with advantages that included sanitation, water supply and others.

The president of the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC), K Therie agreed with Bordoloi that Rio is “running the government with a gun behind his head”, while obeying the BJP.

“The present government (at the Centre) is even trying to take us back 7000 years by building the Ayodhya Ram temple,” exclaimed Therie.

Asked about the Congress’ status, and plans (if any) to revive the party in the state, Therie admitted that the party was at its lowest stage at the moment, both in the state as well as the Centre.

“In such a situation only those who have a heart for the people and its uniqueness can remain with Congress,” said Therie, and added that the party is ready to defend and protect the provisions of the Constitution. “We will protect the Nagas from the iron hand of the BJP,” Therie said.

By Mirror Desk Updated: Aug 20, 2019 11:28:46 pm