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‘Ramzan in lockdown reminds us to be humble before God’

By Our Correspondent Updated: May 19, 2020 12:04 am
In this file picture, Muslim kids along with elders in Dimapur offer prayer marking the end of Ramzan in Dimapur. (EM Images)

Our Correspondent
Kohima, May 18 (EMN)
: Ramzan (or Ramadan) is a sacred month for Muslims across the world, where people spend the period in prayer, reading the Quran, fasting from dawn to dusk.

The holy month of fasting among Muslims has been going on for the last 23 days; and amidst the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, Muslim families have been adjusting their Ramzan routines, which may impact the forthcoming Eid ul-Fitr festival that marks the breaking of the month-long fast.

The vice-president of Kohima masjid committee, Mustafa, informed Eastern Mirror that everyone is observing the holy month in their own homes, in accordance to the law enforced by the government to curb the spread of the virus by banning social gatherings and closing of mosques.

Although he shared the discontentment of not being able to worship together at the Masjid as taught by the Quran, the leader also stated they have adjusted to the situation.

“Muslims believe the Quran was revealed during Ramzan and is the most important month for us,” Mustafa said. He also added that the month has the significance of Islamic tenets of sharing, forgiving and extending help to others.

He, however, stated that the pandemic has affected this year’s festival adding “it’s all God’s own purpose and not man’s will that taught lessons to the whole world that no might is too great in the sight of God. It reminds us to be humble before God”.

A trader by profession, he also shared that the fasting month this year was going on peacefully and with less disturbances from business activities.

Rahad Choudhury, another businessman, said that the lockdown was unavoidable unlike previous years. “My observation of Ramzan this year is dedicating more time to prayer and reading the Quran and meditate,” he said.

The community is praying for everyone’s well-being, he added.

By Our Correspondent Updated: May 19, 2020 12:04:36 am