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Rally for sense and sensibility

By EMN Updated: Aug 06, 2013 2:08 am

Staff Reporter | EMN
Medziphema, August 5

IN a rare display of public angst, thousands of residents and students of Medziphema congregated at Centre Point on Monday. Braving the heavy rain the crowd in the town between Dimaput and Kohima turned up to voice their collective resentment against factional clashes,and the callous and irreverent manner of dumping the bodies in the vicinity of the town area. Since December 2012 four bodies have been recovered by the town residents in as many incidents in the jurisdiction of the town. The last body was found on July 27.
For a people whose culture displays utmost respect and honour to the dead the recent incidents have touched a raw nerve in the public psyche.
Rallyists holding placards displayed slogans clearly communicating that the sensibility and sensitivity of the public had reached its tipping point.
“Do not bring your ugly war to our land,” “Medziphema not a dumping ground of dead bodies,” “Medziphema is not a place for criminals,” “Medziphema is not a waste bin,” “Arrest the culprits, punish the guilty,” “Live and let live,” were some prominent slogans displayed in the meeting.
The meeting was called by the Medziphema Village Council.
Speakers at the meeting included the Medziphema unit representatives of ENPU, Ao Union, Sumi Union, Lotha Union, former chairman Medziphema Town Council, and president of Medziphema Village Youth Organisation
They were unanimous in their call to join hands to protest against such crime where “brothers are killing brothers and Christians killing Christians.”
Quoting reference from the Bible which forbid killing, the speakers strongly advocated the senseless act saying there is no justification in killing. They maintained that progress and prosperity will be curtailed as long as there is factional killing among the Nagas.
In a question directed towards the Naga political groups who are alleged to have committed the murders the speakers have asked them to questions their response to the Creator on judgement day.
While terming such unwanted acts as a direct challenge to their very existence, they said the people would not remain silent spectators when its land is turned into a “blood path” and a dumping ground of dead bodies. The meeting also took a stand that that the people of the area would not tolerate any criminal activities which would vitiate peaceful atmosphere and defilement of its land by any individual or group in future.
The meeting ended with the submission of a Memorandum to the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Medziphema, for immediate necessary action from the government.
It makes an appeal to the concerned authority to immediately take cognizance of the matter and initiate necessary actions to arrest and award befitting punishment to the culprits at the earliest. It has also appealed for the authorities to ensure strict vigilance and also initiate deterrent action so that such ugly incidents do not happen again in future.
In response, the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Medziphema, Gregory Thejawhelie said the unity displayed by the citizens of Medziphema against criminal activities was an indication of the people’s desire for peace. He assured the people that necessary action against such activities in coordination with other agencies would be put in place.
The steps that are taken by the administration will be closely watched by the people especially in the backdrop of statements by the Home Minister G Kaityo Aye on the law and order situation.
The minister had recently stated that the state government has nothing to do with factional clashes the groups are engaged in a Ceasefire with the government of India.
His predecessor Imkong Imchen had also maintained the status quo of his inability to interfere since the issue involved parties engaged in a “political” dialogue.

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