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Rally against border fencing

By EMN Updated: Dec 23, 2016 12:30 am
People of Dan range in Tuensang district taking out a rally against border fencing on Thursday.

Dimapur, Dec. 22: More than a thousand people along Indo-Myanmar border took to the street against the erection of boundary fencing at International Trade Centre (ITC) Dan in Tuensang district on Thursday. Denizens of New Pangsha, Pangsha Old, Dan village and ITC town took out a rally alleging disregard to the people’s aspiration and for undermining the memorandums submitted by their village councils to the government of India and Myanmar.

Once divided, major portion of these villages will fall under Myanmar depriving the villagers of their “right to life’, according to a release issued here. And, since majority of these villagers depends on jhum land for their livelihood the owners of the land vowed to protect their land at any cost if the authority concerned does not intervene immediately to stop the ongoing fencing work.
In the memos to the governments of India and Myanmar, the release said, it was clearly stated that the Khiamniungan people have their own territory, tradition, culture and customary usages and practices and have been living as one peo0ple since time immemorial and evolution.

The rally was held in presence of Indian armed forces, the administration led by EAC Noklak HQ and DBs, the release stated.

During the rally, the people held placards that read “We stand for no fencing”, “No external aggressors can separate the two brothers”, “we opposed this evil project”, “I shall give my life for my land”, “Come what may, I shall protect my land”, “ Not a single inch of my land, shall be parted”, “Erecting of fencing is the mother of all cruelty and ruthlessness”, “Our Land, Our Rights, Our Will, Our Say, must not be suppressed” etc. They also asked if the Act East Policy was meant to erect fencing in their land.

ten-teamsThe people of Dan range strongly opposed the idea of both India and Myanmar to fence the border area on the pretext of national security and defence.

The proposed fencing will not only segregate the Khiamniungans but the Nagas in general, the release stated. In this connection, the people of the area also sought immediate intervention of various Naga organisations from both India and Myanmar. They further demanded that the State Government take all necessary steps to prevent/stop the proposed border fencing at the earliest before the public take the law in their own hands.

By EMN Updated: Dec 23, 2016 12:30:18 am