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Friday, January 27, 2023

PVHSS, Dimapur produces 12 toppers in HSSLC exams 2021

By Henlly Phom Odyuo Updated: Jul 21, 2021 10:30 pm

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Dimapur, July 21 (EMN):
Pranab Vidyapith Higher Secondary School (PVHSS), a private institution in Dimapur, has once again produced a stellar result in the Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate (HSSLC) examination 2021 with 12 students making it to top 10 merit list.

The school, which was upgraded to higher secondary in 2000 with Science stream before introducing Commerce in 2005, has been consistently producing toppers over the years.

This year, the school secured top one, two, three, four, and sixth positions in the Commerce stream; while in the Science stream, it secured top two, three, six, seven, eight, and ninth positions, with two students in the top seven rank.

The principal of PVHSS, Monoj Bhattacharjee, told Eastern Mirror that the teachers of the school deserve sincere acknowledgement for good performance of students; for consistently helping bring laurels to the school year after year.

The students, he said, equally deserve praises for their dedication towards their learning and the school.

“The interesting thing about our school is the teachers are very regular and hardly ever take leave. Although we have no practice of deducting salaries for absent days, the teachers are regular and committed,” Bhattacharjee said.

He also shared that the management seeks performance results of the teachers (which is around 41, inclusive of both the streams) from students, ‘which in no way belittles the teachers but instead motivates them’. 

The school principal, who had also taught Biology four-five years ago, said the school ensures strict attendance of students unless for genuine reasons, ‘which in a way was benefiting the them as they do not miss out on classroom learning’. He also shared that the school conducts coaching classes during vacation and makes sure that the students attend those classes.

Furthermore, the principal stated that the Covid-19 pandemic had an unfortunate impact on the education system, keeping the students out of the classroom and the online class system was all new to everyone.

However, not to hinder the students from their classroom learning, the teachers came up with solutions and out in sincere efforts for the students, he shared, adding that ‘the school has borne fruitful results even in the pandemic education chaos’. 

Though the school does not have an ‘extraordinary mantra’ in maintaining consistency in the top ranks each year, Bhatacharjee said it was because of sincere efforts and commitment of the teachers and the students.

‘Even if a student lacks interest or gets bored, they motivate each other through their performances and 80% of the school’s focus is on classroom learning,’ he added.

It may be mentioned that the school has managed to secure a minimum of four ranks in both the streams over the years. The five-year results from 2017 to 2021 show that the school has been maintaining consistency in producing toppers.

In 2017, the school had secured top one, three, five, seven, eight and 10th rank in the Commerce stream. In Science stream, the school had secured top one, three, six and nine. 

In 2018, the school had secured top one, two (two students), three, five, six, seven, and ninth positions in the Commerce stream, and top four, five, six, and eight in Science stream.

In 2019, the school had secured top three, four and six in the Commerce stream, and top two in Science stream.

In 2020, the school had secured top two, four, five, six, and nine in Commerce stream and top one, two, and fifth in Science stream.

By Henlly Phom Odyuo Updated: Jul 21, 2021 10:30:34 pm