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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Putin thanks PM Modi for making efforts to resolve Ukrainian crisis

By IANS Updated: Jul 09, 2024 7:04 pm
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MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for making efforts to find a solution to end the conflict in Ukraine while, at the same time, also lauding the Indian leader for dedicating his “whole life” to strengthen India.

During their bilateral meeting at Moscow’s Grand Kremlin Palace, Prime Minister Modi reiterated New Delhi’s readiness to assist Russia in any possible way to establish peace in the region.

“Yesterday (at their informal meeting in Novo-Ogaryovo on Monday), we also agreed to establish peace as soon as possible and we are ready to assist in any way in this regard. I have heard your position, your positive views and thoughts. And I can assure you that India has always been on the side of peace. When I listened to you, I felt optimistic and hopes for the future arose,” said PM Modi in his opening remarks at the bilateral meeting with Putin.

PM Modi said that he was glad that both the leaders have exchanged opinions in an open manner on the issue of Ukraine.

The Russian President, while mentioning the long-standing friendship and good relations between the two countries, acknowledged PM Modi’s initiative to end the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

“We had the opportunity yesterday to discuss practically all issues in an informal setting. I am grateful to you for the attention you are paying to the most pressing issues, including trying to find some ways to resolve the Ukrainian crisis, and of course, first and foremost, peacefully,” said Putin in his opening remarks on Tuesday.

Congratulating PM Modi on NDA’s third consecutive win in the recently-held Lok Sabha elections, Putin wished “new successes” in the development of India under the leadership of PM Modi.

“I know that your whole life has been dedicated to the idea and implementation of the idea of strengthening the Indian state, improving the lives of the Indian people,” he said.

The Russian President also highlighted that India and Russia continue to “closely cooperate” in the international arena, including in international organisations, primarily at the United Nations and in associations such as the SCO and BRICS.

“We are in constant contact with you and focus on the development of trade and economic ties, the development of which certainly corresponds to the interests of both the people of India and the peoples of the Russian Federation. Last year, trade turnover increased by 60 per cent, even more – 66 per cent. In the first quarter of this year, it added another 20 per cent,” he added.

By IANS Updated: Jul 09, 2024 7:04:20 pm
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