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Pusa appeals Nagas to oppose NPF & BJP ‘communal’ alliance

By EMN Updated: Mar 25, 2014 11:41 pm

Principal Correspondent

THE Opposition Congress in Nagaland while expressing that the Naga People’s Front (NPF) alliance with BJP is centrifugal today called upon the Naga people to do away with the atrocious forces working against the Christians within the state and the country.Addressing media here this afternoon, Congress candidate for the lone Lok Sabha seat in Nagaland, K V Pusa said “Nagaland is a state with majority of Christian population while the BJP action and attitude is atrocious throughout the country”.
In this connection, he said that NPF has BJP as alliance in the state government, while it is also joining the communal forces in the ensuing Lok Sabha polls.
Recalling that in the initial stage Nagaland statehood there was hardly any national political party, he said with passage of time several political parties, including Congress and BJP stepped into the state.
He maintained that Nagaland is a very democratic state, which does not practice of any religions but the activities of BJP has always been atrocious throughout the nation and NPF is a party to it.
Stating that NPF and BJP both are anti-Nagas, Pusa expressed surprise as to how “a party or a government (NPF) mandated by the people has to join a party which is brutal to Christians all over India”.
He said though Nagaland has over 95% Christian population, Christians constitute barely 2% of the population in the rest of the country. He also cited the atrocities committed by BJP prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi upon the Christians in Gujarat.
Therefore, Pusa asserted that given a chance through the ensuing polls he would work for the welfare of the Christians communities as Congress respects all religions.
He also maintained that the NPF-led DAN has cheated and discriminated the Naga women on 33% women reservation in urban local bodies. He said the NPF passed a resolution in the state Assembly to grant 33% reservation to women but just it was not implemented. The women group in the state have taken the matter to Supreme Court because of which even elections to the municipal bodies are not being held, he said.
“In the guise of social transformation and women empowerment, false promise were meted out to women regarding 33% reservation of Assembly seats and Municipal council is a total disregard to Naga women,” he said.
On resolution of Naga political issue, Pusa assured to work without reservation as 16 years of peace talks should come to its logical conclusion and settlement must arrive. He appealed all the Naga underground groups to reconcile and struggle for a final settlement so that Nagaland can be made a peaceful and better place for the future generations.
Naga national cause must remain pure of its political position, he said adding that the dilution made by NPF leaders should be noted by Nagas.
Affirming to work for prosperity, peace and secularism, the Congress candidate avowed to dedicate to bring about equitable development throughout the state if elected as the lone representative of the state.
On AICC vice president Rahul Gandhi arriving on Thursday to campaign for him in Kohima, he said Nagas should listen to him as Gandhi and Nehru families always have a soft corner for the Naga people.
Meanwhile, Pusa also did not rule out possibilities of the ruling party in the state using the government machineries against the Congress during the polls. He however expressed confidence that the Election Commission would strictly enforce the model code of conduct so that free and fair Lok Sabha election is held in the state.

By EMN Updated: Mar 25, 2014 11:41:03 pm