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Punyü urges sportspersons to utilise sports facilities to fullest potential

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Jan 24, 2022 8:20 am
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A jumper seen in action during the high jump competition at IG Stadium in Kohima on Monday. (EM Images)

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Kohima, Jan. 24 (EMN): Kedozeto Punyü, president of Angami Gazetted Officers Krotho (AGOK), urged sportspersons to utilise the available sports facilities set up by the government for their advantage to grow in their field.

He was speaking during the inaugural programme of the 58th Western Angami Youth Organization (WAYO) sports meet which began at IG Stadium in Kohima on Monday.

Reiterating that the chief minister of Nagaland had announced a police sports battalion being formed amongst others for the benefit of talented sportsmen and women, Punyü asked the athletes to make the most use of their potential.

Stating that about six players from Manipur are currently playing in the Indian women football team for FIFA Women’s World Cup qualification, he lamented how Nagaland has been lagging far behind their counterparts.

Apart from Dr. T Ao and Chekrovolü Swüro, he stated that Nagaland hasn’t produced other Olympians so far.

Citing examples of prominent sports personalities like weightlifter Saikhom Mirabai Chanu from Manipur and Assamese boxer Lovlina Borgohain who rose from humble beginnings, he urged the sportspersons from the state to be more focussed, determined, dedicated and disciplined in order to catch up with their peers from the neighboring states.

Meanwhile, several events were conducted. In women’s 100 m race, Kevisieno Mor (group-D) emerged in the first position, while Vizovono Sano (group-C) and Megohieno Rürhie (group-B) won second and third position respectively.

In men’s 100 m race, Keviserielie Nagi (group-D), Rokongulie Kuotsu (group-D) and Seyiezhato Sano (group-C) won first, second and third.

Megohieno Rürhie (group-B), Kevisieno Mor (group-D) and Tsilievino Nakhro (group-C) claimed the first, second and third positions in women’s 400 m race, while Thejaseto Gwirie (group-D), Rokovituo Nipu (group-D) and Seyiezhato Sano (group-C) secured the first, second and third position in the men’s 400 m race.

In women’s 1500 m race, Neikethonuo Janet (group-D), Nini Zhünyü (group-D) and Neivise-e Peseyie (group-C) won first, second and third. Keviselhou Sirie (group-A), Thejasejo Seyie (group-B) and Thejasetuo Gwirie (group-D) won first, second and third in men’s 1500 m race.

In women’s 4×100 m relay race, group-D, group-B and group-C secured first, second and third. Group-D, group-C and group-A claimed first, second and third in men’s 4×100 m relay race.

Thejaselie Terhüja (group-B), Thekruneizo Nipu (group-D) and Neisiezoto Medoze (group-C) won first, second and third in men’s long jump, while Khrielhouvono Kitshü (group-A), Shürhovonuo Suohumvü (group-D) and Kevizono Meyatsu (group-A) won first, second and third in women’s high jump.

Petevituo Khawakhrie (group-A), Kekhrievilhou Sirie (group-A) and Rokovise Pier (group-B) emerged first, second and third in men’s high jump.

In women’s discus throw, Vizonei-ü Kruse (group-D), Neikethonuo Kruse (group-D) and Mesalhuno Chase (group-B) won first, second and third. Rajukuolie Vilie (group-D), Neisiezoto Medoze (group-C) and Vikho Naprantsu (group-C) secured first, second and third in men’s discus throw.

Neisiezoto Medoze (group-C), Thekruneizo Nipu (group-D) and Rüüvizo Punyü (group-B) secured first, second and third in men’s triple jump.

In women’s table tennis singles, Kekhriesinuo Suokhrie (group-D) beat Keneileno Meyatsu (group-A), while Pelelhousie Rino (group-C) defeated Lhouviriezo Kuotsu (group-D) in men’s table tennis singles.

Kekhriesinuo Suokhrie and Dzuzienuo Meyase (group-D) defeated Keneileno Meyatsu and Kezhatsono Meyatsu (group-A) in table tennis women’s doubles and in men’s table tennis doubles, Kikruvi Medoze and Megolekho Rino (group-D) defeated Pelelhousie Rino and Zekho Sano (group-C).

In badminton women’s singles, Kevisekho-ü Kuotsu (group-D) defeated Megopheno Chase (group-B), while Thekrusevi Chase (group-B) beat Thejaneilie Gwirie (group-C) in badminton men’s singles.

At the end of the day, group-D are leading with 22 medals consisting of 12 gold, nine silver and one bronze while group-B are in the second with three gold, three silver and four bronze.

Group-A are in the third with three gold, three silver and one bronze, while group-C are at the bottom with two gold, five silver and six bronze.

Altogether, about 500 sportspersons of western Angami region are competing for top honours in different disciplines.

The remaining events will continue at IG Stadium on Tuesday.

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Jan 24, 2022 8:20:00 am
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