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Pughoboto declares 2014-16 as ‘Year of economic dev’

By EMN Updated: Feb 05, 2014 10:53 pm


IN significant move, the Pughoboto sub-division under Zhunheboto district has declared 2014-2016 as the Year of economic development with an aim to promote the standard of living and attain economic self-sufficiency.
The idea behind the Year of economic development is to help the community realize their aspirations for a better life by exploitation of its own natural resources effectively and efficiently by maintaining ecological balance to become self-sustainable, said parliamentary secretary for Irrigation & Flood Control Y Vikheho Swu while addressing a one-day training on Sustainable Farming on February 4.
In this, Swu asserted that financial assistance from Local Area Development Fund (LADF) under his constituency will be extended to the aspirant candidates.
Stating that DAN government has many programmes to facilitate the growth and development of the youth, he challenged the youth to come forward and avail the opportunities.
During the Year of economic development, it will focus on river conservation, forest conservation, bamboo plantation and frame the regular policies on preservation and exploitation of resources.
Swu also said the main focus was made on self-generating income rather than depending on government subsidies.
Stating that self-reliance is the most challenging aspect, he urged the various organizations and unions to plan for a sustainable system so that they become self reliant.
Topics covered during training were Incubator Chicken raising, Making of Bokashi- fermented fertilizer and fisheries.
Gihuka Swu, Jacob Sustainable Farming Centre, Cambodia in his power point presentation on Incubator chicken raising said that poultry farming is a profitable business and many small-scale farmers have ventured into this business to supplement their income.
Explaining the procedures of making kerosene-heated incubators, he said it is ideal for the farmers who do not have access to electricity or irregularity of power supply.
The seminar was attended by all 22 villages (300 delegates) representing GBs, VCCs, VDBs and SHGs under Pughoboto sub-division.
The training was chaired by Ayeto Swu, G/T Singrijan GHS. Invocation was pronounced by Katoli Swu while vote of thanks was proposed by Anguka Swu, Co-ordinator, Kushe Humanity Foundation and benediction was pronounced Shepitoli, W/L NCRC Pughoboto.
The training was sponsored through Local Area Development Fund (LADF) and organized by Kushe Humanity Foundation, Dimapur in collaboration with Jacob Sustainable Farming Centre, Cambodia.

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