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Public laments lack of correct perspective

By EMN Updated: Aug 12, 2013 1:01 am


THE public in general seem to be following the ongoing interaction between the NSCN (IM) and the Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) with much interest. Among several points of discussions a major one has been the question of taxation to be paid to the NSCN (IM) who made it clear that it should receive the taxes by virtue of its ongoing commitment towards realization of Naga political aspirations.The NSCN (IM) which by far has the longest ceasefire with Government of India GoI) feels that it has the right to taxation of the citizens of Nagaland. Local bodies embodied by ACAUT do not seem averse to paying tax but on the condition that it would pay to one organization only. Now there are about eight organizations all with the same goal of sovereignty of the Naga people. Herein lies the conflict because all the rival groups claim the same rights.
A public leader on condition of anonymity has said that Nagas are living in circumstances of many contradictions. For instance, Nagas have never paid tax to their various Governments which they have elected to power over the years. But our national workers insist on tax. Some departments reportedly deduct a percentage of the employees’ salaries to give to the national workers. This in addition to all kinds of taxes.
The other contradiction is ‘Prohibition’ which is supposed to be implemented but to no avail so far. Reasons for this could be many but the fact remains that Nagaland is one of the wettest (liquor) States in the country. The Church itself has not been able to persuade people from imbibing liquor for whatever reason thus many lives are being lost even without the specter of bullets.
The time,has come said another citizen, for the Naga people as a whole to decide what course of action they must follow to overcome the obstacles and barriers to a normal life of mental and physical peace while at the same time keep the fires of nationalism burning without loss in any manner to any citizen.
As it is, we have so many things to be concerned about like filling potholes on our roads, ensuring continuous supply of consumer items from outside the State, quality education for an entire generation who will have to compete in a very challenging ‘outside’ world, ensure that we do not read any more about fratricidal killings that are occurring almost daily. Plus all the positive and negative aspects that are a part and parcel of a changing world around us.
The common man is questioning the quality of life that Naga leaders both in the government and
‘national’ workers envisage for the people. The current trend with so much importance on the collection of taxes and little accountability to show in terms of concrete political results for Naga rights, is adding to the confused state of affairs.
These then, are the problems that need to be sorted at the earliest so that we all can march for realization of our collective political aspirations.

By EMN Updated: Aug 12, 2013 1:01:10 am