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PUBG Mobile India to have playtime limit function, new website and teasers out now

By Tekato Longkumer Updated: Nov 15, 2020 6:24 pm
Credit: PUBG Mobile India.

Dimapur, Nov. 15 (EMN): PUBG Mobile is on the verge of making a comeback to the Indian mobile gaming scene and an official press release from PUBG Corporation confirms that the company will be making a few changes to the game’s contents in order to stay compliant with the Indian government’s policies.

PUBG Corporation in a press release wrote, “In order to reflect the needs and preferences of Indian users and to create a healthy gameplay environment and culture, game contents will be greatly improved. The background of Battleground Mobile India is set as a virtual simulation training ground, character costumes are automatically installed, and the bloodstain effect is changed to green. In addition, a playtime limit function will be added for the healthy use of the game for teenagers.”

It is clear that PUBG Mobile India will differ a lot from its global version and this must be PUBG Corporation’s solution to bring it back onto the Indian mobile space. The company will have to make major content changes to be compliant with the Indian government’s policies. From virtual simulation training to characters being automatically clothed, expect a lot of content changes to PUBG Mobile India. Additionally, PUBG Mobile India will also have a playtime limit functionality to promote healthy gaming habits among its younger players.

PUBG Corporation also insists that it has made the protection and security of users’ personal information a top priority. On that note, Krafton Inc, the South-Korean company that owns PUBG Corporation, has recently inked a deal with Microsoft that will enable PUBG Corporation to host the game on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. This is a significant development since one of the reasons why the Indian government banned the app in the first place was its concern about data security and Chinese ownership.

Additionally, a new website for India was launched on November 14 by PUBG Mobile. The website features social media posts by PUBG Mobile India including four video teasers for the upcoming launch of the game. The teaser clips featured Dynamo, Kronten, and Jonathan, three of the most popular PUBG Mobile streamers in India.

Sadly, the teasers and the website do not provide any information about the date of launch for PUBG Mobile India, however, the recent developments suggest that PUBG Mobile will be back sooner than later.

Watch the new PUBG Mobile India teaser below:

By Tekato Longkumer Updated: Nov 15, 2020 6:24:12 pm