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Proud to Be a Teacher

By EMN Updated: Oct 19, 2021 10:21 pm

Good morning to all

“Every day is a gift from God. There is no guarantee of tomorrow, so that tells to see the good in this day to make the most of it.”

The American televangelist, pastor, and author Joel Scott Osteen believe that every day is a gift from God. Since tomorrow cannot be guaranteed, we should make the most of today, so that we can look forward to tomorrow.

Our Muslim brothers are celebrating Eid today. The word Eid means a feast or festival. Festivals are the occasion for celebration. It is crucial that we implement the values of great people into our lives if we wish to follow their teachings. Through the ages, there have been great people who have influenced history with their lives, teachings, and writings.

The ability to understand history is important. It is like saying an individual without sense is lifeless. It is, therefore, necessary for mentors to impart information about the history of human beings, different religions, their impact on history, present religious developments, their significance, etc., to the children. History should be taught to every child so that they grow with a sense of history. 

As mentioned above in Arabic, the word ‘Eid’ means a festival or feast. Muslims commemorate and celebrate Prophet Muhammad’s birth anniversary Eid-e-Milad-un Nabi.

There are two major Eids in the Islamic calendar every year – Eid al-Fitr early in the year and Eid al-Adha later in the year. Eid al-Fitr, a three-day-long festival, is known as the “Smaller Eid” compared to Eid al-Adha, which is a four-day-long festival and known as the “Greater Eid.”

Muslims celebrate both Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha every year – but the names are often shortened to just ‘Eid’, which is why it can be confusing.

According to Christianity, human life is sacred. It is viewed as a gift from God that should be protected and cherished. Sanctity of life is a doctrine according to which life is sacred. According to the Bible, humans are created in God’s image. The journey from this image of God to the likeness of the creator begins in this world.

This requires tremendous grace and willingness on our part. In our lives, we are often tempted by various things, including money, power, positions, and worldly affairs. This requires tremendous willpower, values, and ethics that are founded on scripture.

Religious practice is a way of life. The journey from image to metaphor is the purpose of this way of life. We can go from image to likeness by relying on these religious values, teachings of the forefathers, scripture, life of saints, etc.

There is a new grace and a new opportunity in each day, a rich and precious gift from God.  “This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24)

I pray that this Eid brings joy, happiness, prosperity, goodwill, and peace among all people regardless of their religion, caste, or creed. Let God’s image reside in us and let the Holy Spirit guide us from bad to good. The free will that the creator has infused in all of us can be used for the benefit of the whole of creation in a fruitful and prospering way.

Rev. Fr. Dr. P. S. Varghese
Principal, MGM College
Midland, Dimapur

By EMN Updated: Oct 19, 2021 10:21:14 pm