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Proud to Be a Teacher

By EMN Updated: Sep 01, 2021 10:52 pm

Good morning to all.

“Education is not filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

In modern society, education isn’t just about filling a bucket with water, but it is about lighting a fire inside each of us that can burn away darkness and ignorance within minutes. The conclusion of William Butler Yeats regarding education is important. It was the ancient concept of Indian education, knowledge, and wisdom as a fire to extinguish ignorance and darkness.

Hence, dear mentors, we need to correlate the words of Maharshi Rabindranath Tagore’s profusely spoken words: “the highest education is that which doesn’t merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.”

Education must not just provide information, but also bring us into harmony with the world around us. Our goal is to have determination, courage to take on challenges, persistence, and perseverance to achieve our set goals. 

Today’s education emphasises filling buckets rather than helping students to fill them. Whether we do it consciously or unconsciously, we mentors are interested in filling the buckets of students’ minds with our knowledge.

Children today have a better understanding of many things than we did. Scientific inventions and innovations deserve our gratitude. A scientific temperament in students can be constructed by promoting creative-critical-intuitive thinking, correlation in learning, etc.

Gandhiji had a great deal of success with the faculty correlations of a child. All educational fields require the interplay of hands, heads, and hearts. Therefore, it is unique in its concept and implications.

We should work together to make sure education is the mass movement from darkness to light.

It was also stated by Allan Blooms as appropriate: “Education is the movement from darkness to light.”

Have a blessed day.


By EMN Updated: Sep 01, 2021 10:52:11 pm