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Protestors didn’t have clearance — Toy

By EMN Updated: Jun 05, 2019 12:39 am

Dimapur, June 4 (EMN): In the aftermath of Tuesday’s incident at the Secretariat Plaza, Chief Secretary Temjen Toy has issued a statement to clear the air surrounding the agitation.

Toy stated that the student leaders carried out the agitation on Tuesday without the approval of the district administration and police, and didn’t have the clearance as per the laid down rules. He added that students from educational institutions pursuing academic careers were made to undergo hunger strike in the state capital without any precautionary measures like water tankers, doctors, ambulances etc., and it was fortunate that no serious untoward incident took place.

“Despite these facts, the administration, police and law enforcing agencies observed utmost restraint and were prepared to allow peaceful demonstration to take place but when it was observed that the gathering was being incited and it became obvious that breach of peace in the state capital had taken place, the authorities stepped in and detained the student leaders to ensure that peace prevailed and that young innocent students should not be put to risk,” read the statement.

The chief secretary said that the student leaders were released later; no further detentions were made and the students too dispersed from the place of agitation in a “peaceful manner.”

“The state government assures the citizens of the state, especially the student community that the matter of student’s scholarship is of utmost importance and the government has taken every possible measure to ensure that students’ scholarships are not withheld nor misappropriated in any manner,” read the statement.

Toy went on to say the present government has ensured that scholarship of the students is released on time “in the most transparent manner” and that all details have been put on the website. He assured that the government will continue to take all measures to safeguard the rights of the student fraternity.

“The state government is taking up the issue of scholarships in the most serious manner and on the allegations of the misuse for the period 2014 to 2016, as per the report of the CAG, an inquiry by the Nagaland Lokayukta is already underway. This inquiry by an independent constitutional authority will bring out all facts and it is assured that if any misappropriation or misuse is found on the part of any person or official, sternest action as per the laid down laws will be ensured.

“The state government is seized of the matter and it will not allow anyone to hold the government to ransom and it will ensure that the guilty are punished and at the same time governance is not disturbed by any undemocratic means,” it added.

Organisations flay govt. response

The All Sumi Students’ Union (SKK) expressed concern at the state government’s way of handling the matter. “The SKK lauds the ANCSU official’s charter of demand which is genuine and appropriate for welfare of the student community,” read the SKK statement. It also expressed support to the ENSF’s demand for B.Ed colleges in the eastern districts of the state.

TSUD: The Tenyimi Students’ Union Dimapur (TSUD) condemned the high-handedness of the government. “The TSUD is deeply saddened and pained at the turn of events unfolding when the students are protesting for their democratic rights,” it stated. The union urged the chief minister to intervene and ensure that no students are harmed in any manner; and ensure that justice is served.

ENCSU: The Eastern Nagaland College Students’ Union (ENCSU) stated that it was strongly against the detention of ANCSU president and his colleagues by the police. It urged the state government to solve the issue ‘sooner.’

NPRAAF: The Nagaland public Rights Awareness and Action Forum (NPRAAF) expressed unhappiness at the arrest of the ANCSU president and his colleagues. The forum also appealed to the government to release the scholarship fund without further confrontation with the students.

DNYO: The Diphupar Naga Youth Organization (DNYO) also condemned the arrest. “When the right thinking Naga citizens are fighting against corruption, how can the law be blind?” it queried.

NASU: “The Niuland Area Students’ Union (NASU) is appalled by the way the government is handling the student’s issue where the ANCSU president and his colleagues were arrested for democratically demanding what is rightfully theirs,” read a NASU statement.

DNSU: The Dimapur Naga Students’ Union also stated that ‘such coercive approach by the government authority towards the student body is a serious matter to the students community.’ It requested the government to “take up the matter” without delay to avoid untoward incidents.

By EMN Updated: Jun 05, 2019 12:39:54 am