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‘Propensity to start big a root cause of unemployment in Nagaland’

By EMN Updated: Sep 22, 2020 10:00 am
The Can Youth hands team hands over ‘seed money’ to a Youth Support Group in Dimapur.

Dimapur, Sep. 22 (EMN): The root cause of unemployment in Nagaland is the propensity of people to start big rather than starting from a scratch, said P Tokugha Achumi, general manager of the District Industries Centre.

One of the drawbacks of the Nagas is being impatience and makes no room for growth and development. He also stated that the nature of business should always be precise and take smaller steps at a right time which can be easily accessible.

Achumi was speaking at the launch programme of ‘Youth Support Group’, initiated by the Can Youth to provide a platform for livelihood and entrepreneurship for dropouts, youth and returnees who have lost their job due to the Covid-19 pandemic, on September 21, an update informed.

“One should support self and not depend on others, as it is our duty to be self dependent in fulfilling one’s own dreams,” he said.

Chief functionary of the Can Youth, Jenpu Rongmei, said the purpose of Youth Support Group is to promote dignity of labour and to empower youths by involving them in different activities, support in their income generation.

A similar group will group formed in the other part of district to promote entrepreneurship. The Can Youth has provided ‘seed money’ supported by YI Youth Fellowship to youth support groups of Chumukedema, Darogajan and Ao Kong Colony in Dimapur, it informed.

By EMN Updated: Sep 22, 2020 10:00:42 am