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Private hospitals in Kohima witness surge in critically ill patients

By Our Correspondent Updated: Apr 07, 2020 11:40 pm

Our Correspondent
Kohima, April 7 (EMN):
The inflow of patients to private hospitals in Kohima has come down relatively owing to the lockdown initiated to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

Ever since the Naga Hospital Authority, Kohima (NHAK) was converted to a designated Covid-19 hospital, critically ill patients have been seeking emergency treatment at the private healthcare centres.

The state government also shifted many patients, who were undergoing treatment at NHAK, to private hospitals like Oking Hospital, Bethel Hospital Centre and KP Bethesda Hospital after the facility was announced a Covid-19 hospital.

Speaking to Eastern Mirror, the managing director of Oking Hospital, Dr. Vikethonyü Kesiezie, said that despite the lockdown, inflow of patients to the hospital remains the same.

However, the doctor said the hospital was getting more patients with all kinds of serious problems rather than patients coming for regular check-ups. “At this juncture and situation, unless patients are serious, they won’t venture out to the hospitals,” he said, adding that about 80 per cent of patients are with serious ailments.

People are told at the hospital reception to go to NHAK for check up and test if they have high fever and cough. Every individual entering Oking Hospital is being screened with a thermal scanner as precautionary measure against the Covid-19.

Kezhalezo Angami, medical superintendent of Bethal Medical Centre, said patients who require dialysis and pregnant women have been admitted to the hospital besides some ICU patients referred from NHAK. He informed that precautionary measures against Covid-19 are taken right at the reception as patients and visitors are given hand sanitisers while their travel history is strictly checked before getting admitted to the hospital.

Patients with doubtful symptoms will be sent to NHAK, Angami informed. “We are trying our best to help our Nagas,” he added.

The management of KP Bethesda Hospital also informed that all medical attention is being given to serious patients, except for “suspected cases” that were referred to the Covid-19 centres. It added that due to Covid-19 scare, patient turnover has reduced.

‘We are getting patients daily, but not like other normal days,’ a medical staff said.
Patients without severe ailments are advised to come for medical examination only after the present crisis is over as a precautionary measure against the coronavirus. Before admitting anyone, the facility examines if patients have fever and cough symptoms. Strict verification about their travel history and their personal contact with any suspected persons with suspected Covid-19 cases is maintained.

For safety, the hospital has also restricted visitors; only one or two persons are allowed to accompany a patient. The facility now gives special attention to dialysis patients. It also provides ICU and other facilities for 24/7.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Apr 07, 2020 11:40:00 pm
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