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Principals Forum of GHSS Nagaland clarifies

By EMN Updated: Feb 09, 2015 12:06 am

The Principals Forum of GHSS Nagaland is constrained to write this rejoinder regarding the news item ‘HMs and AHMs of GHSS Resolve’ published in your daily. The general public has been mislead by the resolutions adopted by a group of Headmasters and Asst. Headmasters of the Education Department and we feel that the facts should be made known to all so that they are NOT caught in the unhealthy game played by few learned and wise men.
One need not be an intellectual to understand the real agenda hidden behind the sweet coated resolutions made by the HMs and AHMs. Their demands are very simple. All they want is control over the Admission Fee and the Funds allotted under the Centrally Sponsored Schemes. The timing of the meeting would make everything clear. The Director of School Education had already issued notification to implement the new staffing pattern w.e.f. the academic year 2015 as approved by the Cabinet. As per the new pattern there will be NO HMs and AHMs in Govt. Higher Secondary Schools and the resolutions make it crystal clear how desperate they are to get hold of the funds under their control before their redeployment to other schools. Have any one heard about any HMs / AHMs meetings or resolutions regarding the improvement of the quality of education in Govt. schools? In fact no one cares about the poor students and the schools. All the roads are towards the funds only and nothing else.
There have been stray incidents of few HMs and AHMs bullying the Principals and standing as obstacles in the smooth functioning of Govt. Higher Secondary Schools. But now they have reached the stage of making mockery of the rules enacted by the highest authorities of the Education Department. Let us state few simple facts here so that everyone could understand the truth.
1. As per NBSE ‘General Rules’, Principal is the Head of Higher Secondary School(Definitions , Page No.1) and it is a well known fact that subordinate officers are appointed to assist him in managing the affairs of the school. Further, NBSE General Rule XVI (b) (page No.29) under the Chapter ‘Powers and Functions of the Head of an Institution’ clearly states that the Head of the Institute shall receive all fees and dues as prescribed.
2. When funds are released under Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS), the rules and regulations prescribed by the Central Govt. should be adhered and resolutions cannot simply alter the established financial rules. The HMs and AHMs might be aware that the accounts pertains to SSA and RMSA funds must be jointly operated by the Head of Institution and the Vice Principal and not by any one else at the whim of a group resolution.
3. Every Govt. servant knows well that an establishment can have only one DDO and the financial rules laid down by the Central and State Govts. should be strictly adhered by every department.
The powers conferred on the Head of Institutions by the Government cannot be taken away by resolutions made by a group of people and one should also remember that the Head of Institutions are answerable to the Govt. and the public. The Principals should not be seen as accountants / cashiers whose only responsibility is to draw salary from the treasury and to disperse to the employees of their establishments. Let us all dedicate ourselves to work together for the wellbeing of the student community and the development of Govt. Schools as large sections of the society depends on Govt. Schools for the education of their children.

Mughali Sema, Principal, GHSS, Niuland
Nellayappan, Principal, GHSS, Bhandari
Principals Forum, GHSS Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Feb 09, 2015 12:06:58 am