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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Present generation disassociated from Naga struggle— Keretsu

By Abenthung Kikon Updated: Jan 07, 2024 11:08 pm
Naga struggle
Naga Club members and other attendees at the club’s 106th foundation day programme at Wokha town on Sunday.

WOKHA — The 106th Naga Club Foundation day was observed on Sunday with a call for recognition of the Naga people’s historical political struggles.

The event was held at the Lotha Hoho conference hall in Wokha town, hosted by the Lotha Hoho.

Speaking at the programme, Medoselhou Keretsu, advisor to the Naga Club, spoke about the formation of the club and the challenges faced in the early days. He said that education and mode of communication were the biggest challenge to the people during those days.

The guest speaker also lamented the perceived disassociation of the present generation from the long Naga political struggle, urging them to revisit and recognise the long struggle of the ancestors.

Keretsu said that the Naga Club was formed with a vision to serve the Nagas as one and strive for the interest of the people as ‘one blood and a family.’ He reminded the audience of the historic memorandum submitted to the Simon Commission in 1929 by the Naga Club, “lest we forget or undermine the commitment, struggle and the revolutionary movement of the ancestors.”

President of Naga Club, Kuolachalie Seyie, who also spoke at the event, encouraged the gathering to embody the values of their forefathers. He urged the people to emulate the spirit of ancestors who were patriotic for the cause, and stressed the importance of adopting the right attitude and mindset, aligning with the principles set by their forefathers.

Earlier in the programme, the welcome note was delivered by Mhondamo Ovung, chairman of Lotha Hoho, while the Wokha Town Baptist Church choir presented a special number.

The programme was chaired by KN Mhonthung Lotha, general secretary of Naga Club and Y Chumbenthung  Murry pronounced invocation. Rev. Nyanchumo Lotha, executive secretary of LBCA, Vankhosung, said a prayer of blessing upon the Naga Club leaders; Y Vandanshan Lotha, vice president of Naga Club, delivered the closing remark and benediction was pronounced by N Thungjamo Lotha, advisor of Lotha Hoho.

The event was attended by Lotha Hoho, Lotha Eloe Hoho, GBs and various Lotha civil organisations.

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