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Present crisis can end in worst case scenario, NPCC cautions

By EMN Updated: Jan 26, 2015 12:51 am


Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) cautioned today that the prolonging political crisis within the ruling NPF has set the ball in motion for either possible suspension of Assembly or dissolution in a worst case scenario. In this case, the entire 38 NPF legislators will be held fully answerable for creating a destabilizing situation where the final outcome may even affect the settlement of Naga political issue, the NPCC said in a statement. “It is also very unfortunate that when the state is reeling under severe financial crisis, the instability created within the NPF party has paralyzed all spheres of governance creating untold miseries for the people,” it added.
The NPCC then said the political uncertainty that continues to grip the state for nearly a month rests solely with the NPF party and not with DAN coalition as some would want the people to believe. Fractured numbers within the ruling NPF party despite initially enjoying absolute majority of 38 MLAs in the house of 60 members has thrown up a situation where the leader of the house is still functioning with reduced strength of less than 31 members, it pointed out.
“In this entire drama of power tussle within the NPF, it is amusing to note that the NPF dissidents despite all their rhetoric have failed to even move a no confidence motion against Chief Minister TR Zeliang who is supposed to be heading a minority government in their own words. On the other hand, Dr Shurhozelie who is still the legitimate NPF president in the eyes of law has failed to expel even a single dissident legislator from the party. This amply proves that the current crisis is all about greed for plum portfolios and nothing else, with doors deliberately kept ajar for any member to walk in,” stated the NPCC statement. It further said the BJP which was a pre-poll ally of the NPF is to be equally blamed for prolonging the present crisis within the NPF by first siding with Kaito group and then withdrawing at a later stage after much flip-flop. The tacit gamble of the BJP to gain foothold in the state is there for all to see, as the belated so called neutrality of BJP has further prolonged the instability within the NPF, it added.
“As reiterated earlier, the Governor as constitutional head of the state has to uphold the sanctity of the constitution without any bias or favour. However, when the Honorable Prime Minister keeps stressing on ‘minimum government and maximum governance,’ our Hon’ble Governor seems to be content with ‘less governance and maximum government without stability’ thereby paralyzing the entire state government machinery. The prolonged crisis also reflects the indifference of the Governor when he allows the Chief Minister to function without asking him to prove majority on the floor of the house or identify if the dissidents are in majority to prove that the leader of the house is reduced to minority,” the statement said.
“Having closely watched the ongoing spectacle being shown in front of the people by both the NPF camps with enough of dirt and accusations being hurled against each other, it has vindicated the stand of the Congress that their (NPF) leaders in 12 years of power have miserably failed on all fronts except to raise the standards of blatant corruption while looting the state exchequer creating staggering deficit that will be over Rs. 2000 crores by the end of March, 2015,” the NPCC predicted.
The NPCC then opined that the current political crisis is ready for any settlement if plum portfolios can be reassigned among the warring NPF camps as their leaders are least bothered about the interest of the people and issues of governance. “With passage of time, these selfish and greedy NPF leaders who are now slinging and smearing dirt at each other will easily forgive and forget if their greed for power and access to accumulate wealth are satiated as it happened in the past,” it added.

By EMN Updated: Jan 26, 2015 12:51:30 am