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Pre-monsoon calamities wreak havoc in Wokha district

By Our Correspondent Updated: May 11, 2018 12:57 am
Seen in the picture is the Doyang Hydro Bridge in Wokha under deplorable condition.

Our Correspondent
Wokha, May 10 (EMN): The unprecedented pre-monsoon heavy downpour has wreaked havoc in most part of Wokha district resulting in washing away of bridges unlike in the past.
While other districts in the state yearned for seasonal rain to begin the agriculture activities, Wokha district has witnessed unprecedented early monsoon this year. It was reported that the recent heavy downpours in the district had washed away bridges leaving the commuters in dire strait.
It was reported that the scourge of early monsoon fury had particularly affected the school going students and daily wage earners as the bridges, on which they depended for commuting, were washed away. They feared worse if such calamity was to continue in the coming days.
The unprecedented weather has kept away the daily wage earners and the going school children from attending to their daily chores. It was expected that more bridges could be washed away thereby cause huge economy losses in the coming days.
The Doyang hydro bridge measuring approximately 100 ft long with a narrow wide of around 3.5 meters, which serves as a lifeline to many villages in Lotha region, remained precarious in the event if such weather should continue in the coming days.
Daily commuters informed this reporter that the bridge has become worst, when heavy vehicles ply on the bridge as it shake the entire bridge while passing through the bridge.
The hope of the people for an all weather bridge was dashed to a ground when it was informed that construction of a new bridge along Wokha-Merapani road was not included in the project.
With more than 200 vehicles both lighter and heavy crossing the bridge has now put to a ‘fear psychosis.’

By Our Correspondent Updated: May 11, 2018 12:57:29 am