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Monday, March 04, 2024

Prayers sought for early solution to Zeliangrong political issue

By EMN Updated: Jan 03, 2024 8:53 pm

DIMAPUR — The Zeliangrong Statehood Working Committee (ZSWC) has urged all pastors, reverends, catechists, church leaders, and members of all faiths and religious organisations to pray for the early settlement of the Zeliangrong political issues.

The ZSWC stated in a press release that the issues are being discussed with the Government of India (GoI) and that their prayer of faith will help them achieve their common goal. Furthermore, the apex Zeliangrong civil society organisations (CSOs) have been tasked with selecting and projecting more committed leaders for committee members.

It mentioned that all heads of Zeliangrong CSOs have been co-opted as members of the committee and that the committee will work to resolve the long-standing Zeliangrong political aspirations and fulfil the vision of Haipou Jadonang and Rani Gaidinliu, “who in their lifetime envisioned Zeliangrong Homeland and rendered selfless sacrifices for the attainment of Zeliangrong Statehood.”

The committee comprises CR Zeliang as convener, Gwangphun Gangmei as secretary, Alan Jeme (retd. judge) as co-convener (Assam), Halakbe Newme, member (Assam), Ambrose Riame, member (Assam), Lunggineing Newme, member (Assam), Kirang Jeme, member (Assam), Ningthaodai, co-convener (Manipur), Apeuna Iheilung, co-convener (Nagaland), K Chungneithang Chiru, executive member (Manipur), James Inka, member (Manipur), Geulia H Ramlia, member (Nagaland).

It was formed to “address and assert the long-drawn Zeliangrong political issues” on June 25, 2023, and officially launched on October 10, 2023, in Guwahati.

“The Zeliangrong CSOs have acknowledged with gratitude the hard-earned progress, sacrifices and achievements of the Zeliangrong United Front that have prompted India to recognise anew the Zeliangrong political aspiration and could re-table the issues before the GoI,” the statement read, adding that the ZSWC acknowledges and appreciates the maturity of the Zeliangrong United Front for “entering a military ceasefire agreement made with the GoI as a prerogative measure for a peaceful and democratic dialogue to begin.”

The ZSCW is determined to work on the principle of close coordination, inclusiveness, and collective effort of all Zeliangrong kindred people, it stated, maintaining that it held several rounds of consultation with leaders of community-based organisations, MLAs, constitutional and social experts, and intellectuals covering all sections and places at home and national levels.

It added that the committee has been endorsed to further the process and progress of the talks with the GoI.

By EMN Updated: Jan 03, 2024 8:53:33 pm
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