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Power of change with women: Banuo

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IN order to bring changes in the traditional Naga society, State chief secretary Banuo Z Jamir observed that women has bigger responsibilities and still has a long way to go, while she also called upon the Lotha women for participation in all spheres, stating that countries with gender equality are more developed. Banuo was addressing at the second day of the 6th general conference of the Kyong Eloe Hoho which was held on April 24 and 25 at Youth centre Don Bosco, Wokha town, as chief guest.
Highlighting on the many changes of the 21st century, the chief secretary called upon the Lotha women for participation in all spheres, stating that countries with gender equality are more developed. Banuo said, “Equality for women means progress for all”.
“The power of change is with us because we take care to educate the children at the most crucial change”, she maintained pointing out the literacy rate gap between male and female to a figure of 5.95 percent.
Banuo also expressed that it shows a positive trend while explaining that in developed advanced countries, there exist no gap between male and female and encouraged the gathering for achieving 100% literacy rate.
Stressing on the importance of language as an important factor in development of personal of personal identity, Banuo Z.Jamir impressed upon the women folk to teach the mother tongue to their children.
Further the chief guest observed that our culture/language is of utmost importance for continuation of our history while reminding that our society does not have a written history.
Observing that the concept of house wife needs a change in the mentality of Naga society, Banuo described a women as a specialist in management where she acts a financial manager, planner, food and nutrition specialist, accountant, doctor, cleaner, cashier, peace maker, mediator, negotiator etc. “The value of a house wife is very expensive and no family could effort a housewife but women do it naturally without payment,” she said. Banuo called upon the gathering to promote the value of housewife and felt that it should start from women themselves.
Regretting the women very often are critical amongst themselves she exhorted them to appreciate one another if they want women representative. “Concentrate on appreciation rather than being critical, to bring about change,” she added.
The lady chief secretary lauded the KEH for recognising women achievers in varied fields during the conference and appreciated KEH for valuing the worth of women and for having the sense of appreciation.
SDO (C) Wokha Mhomo Tungoe who also exhorted the women gathering observed that women play a very crucial role for emergence of any good and healthy society. “To be loved and appreciated by the society, one needs to be honest, responsible and hardworking,” he maintained.
During the programme KEH felicitated special awardees including Yanpvuo Tungoe, Chanbeni Kikon, Lolano Khuvung (APRO) IPR for being awarded Governor Gold Medal for distinguished service in her field of duty, Y. Renchano Lotha (Female Health Worker) recipient of Governor Gold medal.
Representatives from all the Eloe Hoho Units, elders, well-wishers attended the 6th KEH general conference held on the theme: “Women in a changing cultural scenario.”

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