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Power dept. launches raid on power theft

By EMN Updated: Oct 29, 2021 10:29 pm
Revenue team conducting special raid against power theft in Dimapur district.

Dimapur, Oct. 29 (EMN): Power department with assistance from the district administration and police launched a special raid on defaulting consumers for non payment of electricity bill, theft of power through hooking, tampering of energy meters and pilferage of energy meters in various locations under Dimapur electrical division.

The special raid was launched as per the action plan of the special revenue team and as discussed in a joint meeting with the district administration and commissioner of police.

The executive engineer of Dimapur electrical division, Y Akito Sema, has reminded all electricity consumers of all kinds of categories to clear their outstanding bills and desist from the illegal activities in order to avoid inconvenience.

“As per Indian Electricity Act 2003 Part XIV Section135, any person who uses power illegally shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years or with fine or with both,” he cautioned.

By EMN Updated: Oct 29, 2021 10:29:27 pm