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Power Dept launches APTMS in Kohima

By EMN Updated: Apr 21, 2014 11:40 pm


WITH the objective to address theft/ pilferage of electricity, Department of Power today launched its Anti Power Theft Mobile Squad (APTMS) in the State capital. Theft of electrical energy is considered a serious problem confronting the department as it is faced with huge revenue losses each year owing to several factors, of which a large segment is attributed to rampant power theft.According to Superintendent Engineer (SE- Planning), Er. Keviletuo Yiese, the increasing trend in revenue gap is not healthy for the Power Sector which is seen as a non-performing commercial department straining the meagre resources of the State.
Speaking at the launching programme of the APTMS in the premises of the Power House, Kohima, Er. Yiese said that theft of electricity in various forms accounted for the single most devastating activity that is responsible for high commercial loss.
“The situation requires harsh unconventional methods especially for Dimapur and Kohima since they consume the major bulk of state’s purchased power,” he said.
The official also disclosed that the launch of APTMS in Dimapur in April 2013 has shown visible impact as far as revenue is concerned, pointing out that the revenue collection of Dimapur and Chumukedima during 2013-14 has increased by 20% over the previous year.
While the increase in returns of these divisions was primarily due to enhancement of tariff (11% approximately), he said the efforts of the department and activities such as the APTMS and Prepaid Meters had made substantial contributions.
Er. Yiese also mentioned that steps and measures taken in the past to contain the menace of power theft did not yield fruitful results. However, with the advent of the Indian Electricity Act 2003, he said positive results are showing as the department has embarked on a more proactive approach in the form of APTMS to tackle the issue.
Parliamentary Secretary for power, C Kipili Sangtam, in his address, said that along with the increase in population, power consumers are increasing day by day and so are people’s development activities.
He lamented that the people in the state are not disciplined in consumption of power and underscored the need to bring in corrective measures both individually and collectively for judicious use of electricity. Illegal consumption of power amounts to theft and theft in any form is a crime, the parliamentary secretary stated, adding, as a Christian state “we should not involve in illegal activities”.
Sangtam also informed that the department will be setting up APTMS in all the district headquarters of the state in different phases. These APTMS will be checking nook and corner for illegal connections and power theft and defaulters will be penalized and their names publicized widely in the local dailies, he said and added that this is for the interest of the people as well as the government. Towards this, he also sought the cooperation from the public and expressed appreciation for the presence of representatives from Kohima village council, Kohima Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Angami Youth Organization and different wards of Kohima on the occasion. Everyone has to cooperate to facilitate the department personnel in carrying out their activities to stop electricity theft as it is for the convenience of the people in general.
APTMS is a unit set up to detect and penalize/book offenders under theft of electricity as per the Indian Electricity Act 2003. The mobile squad will comprise of electrical department officials and staff assisted by police personnel equipped and provided with vehicles and motorbikes for conducting raids at identified and suspected areas.
Detected cases will be reported to APTMS monitoring cell which will be headed by SE/EE for further course of action. Offenders will be penalized/ booked by way of compounding or arrest as situation will demand.

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