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‘Positive response to challenges will decide Nagas’ future’

By EMN Updated: Dec 29, 2014 12:40 am

KYO celebrates 50 years of foundation

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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hile emphasizing on the challenges that lie ahead of the Naga society, social activist Niketu Iralu has urged the Nagas to be prepared to respond positively to meet the challenges.
Iralu, a member of Advisory Council Martin Luther Christian University & Trustee Centre for Policy Research & Northeast Studies, shared his opinion that responding positively to the challenges will decide the future of the Nagas in moving ahead with time. “Each society progresses only to the extent it meets the challenges. And so the quality of our response to the challenges will always determine our (Naga) future,” said Iralu while addressing the 50 years celebration of Kidima Youth Organisation (KYO) as the resource speaker on December 27 at the Village Council Hall.Iralu, who is also the chairman of NBCC Peace Committee, underscored the need for each individual to respond positively to meet the challenges. To this, he urged the Kidima people, particularly the youth to lead from the front by first knowing their responsibility. “It is your time to lead. And when the youth lead with responsibility, it ultimately gives us the hope for a better future,” he added.
On the 50 years celebration, he congratulated the KYO for coming this far. He advised the youth members to take stock of how far they have progressed and further urged them to contribute with greater responsibility.
Earlier, Mekruzeto Rikha, chaman Kidima Village Council exhorted the gathering. The invocation was pronounced by Tepuwhekho Thokhwe, pastor Baptist Church Kidima, while the welcome address was delivered by Kikhwesül Thokhwe, convenor organizing committee. Rame Kiso presented a Tati folk song and Vitsu Martin Rikha presented a song.
The moderators for the programme were Zasivoto Rote and Dr Keduzol Ltu. The rapporteurs were Keneilel Rote, Kekuneil Ltu, Dr Rukusünu and Dr Adino Vitso.
The KYO golden jubilee sports week is also scheduled from January 5 to 10 with Chotisüh Sazo, Speaker Nagaland Legislative Assembly as the chief guest for the inaugural function and Er Kropol Vitsu, Parliamentary Secretary Art & Culture, Printing & Stationery as the chief guest for the closing ceremony on January 10.

By EMN Updated: Dec 29, 2014 12:40:29 am