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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Portfolios allocated to Nagaland cabinet ministers, advisors

By EMN Updated: Mar 09, 2023 7:01 pm

Two days after the swearing-in ceremony of the chief minister and council of ministers of the 14th Nagaland Legislative Assembly, the Governor on Nagaland, on the advice of chief minister, allocated portfolios and the business of the government to the cabinet ministers on Thursday.

Furrther, the chief minister also appointed 24 members of the NLA as advisors to the departments of government of Nagaland.

The notification issued by the cabinet secretary, J Alam, informed the arrangement would help utilize the “vast and practical experience” of the members of the NLA.

It said the advisors will render their advice on matters that are referred to them by the concerned department for their views or suggestions, before the same is put up to the concerned minister in-charge for decision.

Meanwhile, it informed that the advisors would not be eligible for any pay, salary, emoluments, remuneration or any perks or advantages of any kind, from the government of Nagaland other than what is normally admissible to them as members of NLA through Assembly Secretariat.

Sl. noNamePortfolio
1.Neiphiu RioFinance; department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms; all important policy issues; and all other portfolios not allocated to any minister.
2.T R ZeliangPlanning and Transformation, National Highway
3.Y PattonHome, Border Affairs
4.G Kaito AyeRoads and Bridges
5.Jacob ZhimomiPublic Health Engineering, Cooperation
6.K G KenyePower, Parliamentary Affairs
7.P Paiwang KonyakHealth and Family Welfare
8.Metsubo JamirRural Development, SIRD
9.Temjen Imna AlongTourism, Higher Education
10.C L  JohnForest, Environment and Climate Change; Village Guard
11.Salhoutuonuo KruseWomen Resource Development, Horticulture
12.P Bashangmongba ChangHousing and Mechanical Engineering

Advisors and their portfolios

1.Noke Wangnao                Social Welfare
2.Imkong L Imchen                            Information and Public Relations; Soil and Water Conservation
3.K Konngam KonyakTreasuries and Accounts; Art and Culture
4.Zhaleo RioUrban Development, Municipal Affairs
5.H Tovihoto AyemiTribal Affairs, Election
6.Tongpang OzukumWater Resources
7.K T SukhaluFood and Civil Supply; Legal Metrology
8.Kazheto KinimiAnimal Husbandry and Veterinary Services
9.Mhathung YanthanAgriculture
10.S Keoshu YimchungerYouth Resources and Sports
11.Kropol VitsuPrison, Printing and Stationery
12.Moatoshi LongkumerLabour; Employment and Skill Development; Excise
13.T N MannenLaw and Justice; Land Revenue
14.A Pangjung JamirFishery and Aquatic Resources
15.Dr. Kekhrielhoulie YhomeSchool Education, SCERT
16.Kudecho KhamoCivil Administration Works Division, Taxes
17.Z Nyusietho NyutheNew and Renewable Energy, Nagaland State Disaster Management Authority
18.Hekani Jakhalu KenseIndustries and Commerce
19.ImkongmarMinority Affairs, Sericulture
20.TemjenmenbaTransport, Technical Education
21.G Ikuto ZhimomiLand Resources
22.W Chingang KonyakGeology and Mining; Department of Under Developed Areas
23.S Kiusumew YimchungerFire and Emergency Services; Home Guard and Civil Defence
24.SethrongkyuInformation Technology and Communication; Economics and Statistics, Evaluation
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