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Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Kohima, Nagaland

Poll preparedness meeting held in Kohima

By EMN Updated: Mar 21, 2024 9:09 pm
Kumar Ramnikant, Vivek Chauhan, Bharat Laxman Markad, and others during the meeting in Kohima on Thursday.

DIMAPUR — In preparation for the upcoming general election to the Lok Sabha, a meeting was convened at the DC’s conference hall in Kohima on Thursday.

It was attended by key stakeholders, including Deputy Commissioner Kohima, Kumar Ramnikant, Expenditure Observer Vivek Chauhan, Superintendent of Police, Kohima, Bharat Laxman Markad, representatives from the election expenditure monitoring (EEM) team, enforcement agencies, and various political parties.

According to a DIPR report, DC Ramnikant reiterated the significance of vigilance to all polling personnel on the occasion, while reminding political party representatives of the strict enforcement of the model code of conduct.

He urged the political party representatives to seek clarification on any doubts to avoid violations, emphasising the need for legal compliance in all activities. He assured political parties of the election authority’s support and outlined the nomination and election procedures they must adhere to.

Additionally, he assured transparency in the randomization process of electronic voting machines (EVMs), providing political parties with access to the list of all machines for verification.

Chauhan emphasised the importance of vigilance in carrying out duties without any lapses to ensure the success of the electoral process, urging all involved parties to maintain the high standards set in the previous election. He underscored the Election Commission’s strict oversight and urged polling personnel to submit reports promptly.

Markad highlighted Kohima’s status as a transit route and stressed the importance of cooperation with polling personnel to ensure security.

He encouraged timely communication with law enforcement teams for assistance, stressing the need for rational and informed vehicle checks on both private and government vehicles to prevent misuse of their power.

By EMN Updated: Mar 21, 2024 9:09:41 pm
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