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Saturday, June 03, 2023

Politicians Have Ruined Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Jul 16, 2017 11:15 pm

Political instability has become endemic, Power struggle; race to amassed illegal wealth has become the sole aim and intention for elected representatives in Nagaland. Who otherwise is elected to serve as a connecting link between government and the primary unite citizens? The current political instability and the past experience pose some serious questions. Have they forgotten in a representative democracy they are answerable to the people they profess to represent? Can they be allowed to loot with impunity? Don’t we deserve a clean, efficient and transparent government? Can we allow our conscious to consent government been turned into house of renegade?

The political crisis and subsequent development have once again catapulted a numbers of rather familiar questions unto the political terrain. These range from political instability, to what was once inelegantly called ‘horse-trading’ to the containment capacity of the anti-defection law, to the regrettable tendency of parties controlling the central government to inexorable expand their writ. There is however, another concern that needs to be registered in this context, the readiness of State leaders to violate their own oath and obligations as representatives of the people and vitiate democracy. State leaders have shown great willingness to play into the hands of the central government presumably for a price. In this process representatives have forgotten the electorate they represent.

There is a clear indication that politics in Nagaland has been the opposite of what it is in other States in India. Naga politicians are still in quagmire in terms of their values, such as unfulfilled promises, political corruption, greed, tribalism and intimidation. The root cause of political instability in Nagaland is a result of fraud, embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds, inflation of contracts, bribery, lack of accountability and transparency in government, discrimination in wealth distribution and other.

What is intriguing is when Nagaland is reeling under sever development deficit, increasing level of corruption, rising unemployment, instead of choosing to address the most pressing social and economic issues confronting Nagas for which they are elected for, it sends a statement to the people they will only serve their own interest. These gifted demagogue will not yield in their pursue for more wealth and power unless we the electorates takes back the privilege we have confer upon them.

Morally and ethically, the present dispensation has lost the confidence of the people to run the government, it cannot run the government on its whims and fancy in complete disregard to democratic norms. Change of a leadership maybe a prerogative of the Party. However, taking the entire State for a ride shows the government complete lack of apathy it has been elected to govern.

The ruling class seemed to have forgotten that the government is run on the premise of providing development, creating opportunity for employment and good governance, rather on the contrary we see a complete opposite, a failed State where there is no space for fair play.

To portrayed the political crisis that is been played out as an internal party matter is absurd given the fact elected members have to flock to Kaziranga Resort to seek security among rhinos is horrendous.

It is incumbent upon the Governor to act decisively as the Constitutionally head of the State to make sure elected members does not abused power for personal gain but enforce the rule of law. At this juncture even if Nagaland gets a new Chief Minister political backstabbing will only get much sharper.

P. Achumse Sangtam

By EMN Updated: Jul 16, 2017 11:15:54 pm